5 Ways To Transform Your Staircase

5 Ways To Transform Your Staircase

5 Ways To Transform Your Staircase

Though for constructed with a purpose, staircase of a home can always be a canvas to decorate your home, too. While we generally ignore the possibility a staircase offers to give it our style statement, they can be a great point of attention when decked up.

MakaanIQ brings you a list of ideas that can transform the plain-old staircase of your home and create an attractive visual experience:

Play with colours


Is your home designed with keeping vibrancy in mind? Try rainbow staircase in that case. These will add to the vibrancy especially if you have kids at home.

Brighten up with flowers


For those who want to give their home a flavour of nature without a permanent change to your staircase, add plants. To brighten up place plants with flowers on each stair. This way you could add nature's colours to your home and you could always change the look. This is a perfect idea for the exterior staircase as well as the foyer staircase.

Feel like a royalty


To give your staircase a touch of luxury, add an elegant rug to it. A contrast of wood and rugs gives your home an exclusive look. Moreover, you could change this rug every time you would want to change the look of your home.

Use the space


Generally, we tend to overlook the space under the staircase. Interestingly, this is one such space you could experiment with. Use this space to create cabinets and shelves, which could be used to store books, extra furnishing, and even shoes. What's more, you could add a seating area which has storage space underneath. Add some decorative to complete the look.

Elegantly yours!


Use elegant floral or contemporary designs on the staircase's otherwise plain area. This is a great way to add a new look to your home. You could pick between quirky patterns, to more classy ones.

Last Updated: Sun Aug 14 2016

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