5 Ways To Make Your Home A Calm & Peaceful Space

5 Ways To Make Your Home A Calm & Peaceful Space

5 Ways To Make Your Home A Calm & Peaceful Space

We are practically on the move always. From work to having fun, there is no time to relax and feel at home. However, the Japanese philosophy of Zen is all that you need to calm your nerves. It teaches you to find peace and tranquillity in simple things. Using these principles of Zen in your home design can be a good idea to give yourself a break from the everyday hustle bustle.

Here are five ways in which you could give your home a Zen-inspired makeover:

Welcome the natural light

Zen promotes the nature. Allowing the flow of natural light into the home can automatically bring comfort. Ensure you have open spaces or ceiling-to-floor windows in areas, including living room. Have a view of the outdoor greenery? It would be an added advantage.  Additionally, keep away from sharp lights indoors. Use more of side lamps and fixtures where you could control the intensity of light projected.

Introduce a water feature

The sound of water is soothing and we all know that it calms the mind. According to the philosophy of Zen, a water body ensures there is a soothing and harmonious music at home every time. It adds positive energy in the home. Small or large, a water feature must have continuous running water.

Use earthy colours

A Zen-inspired space is all about natural colours. So, for a home to be a Zen zone, use colours such as white, grey, brown, pink and beige. These colours are known to calm the mind. Use these colours in harmony ensuring visual continuity across the walls, flooring and furniture.

Go green

Nature is the basis of Zen philosophy, hence, going green is prime. Use the green plans across the home to relax your mind, body and soul. Also, bring a better flow of oxygen in the house. For instance, you could add to your home Bonsai, terrariums, or other indoor plants.

Introduce minimalism

Although Zen philosophy has no strict rules to be followed for a home, minimalism is considered to be a synonym to it. Keeping things to the minimum can automatically give you an open space that is known to keep your mind calm. Do away with everything unnecessary. Just use clean linen, minimal furniture, and straight-line geometric décor pieces. The clutter in the house is also known to block the mind.

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Last Updated: Tue Jun 26 2018

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