5 Ways To Keep Your Home Fire Safe

5 Ways To Keep Your Home Fire Safe

5 Ways To Keep Your Home Fire Safe
The first thing to make your home fire-safe is to have fire extinguisher installed. (Dreamstime/Fernando Gregory)

Though it has been instrumental in the evolution of civilisations, fire can also be a big threat, especially if it is of the kind that can burn a house. It can cause loss of life and money. However, home fire, which has a high fatality rate, can be prevented with some precautions.

Fire safety is one of the most neglected aspects of disaster security at homes in India, where hot-dry climate can aid such fires. Worse, many homes follow little or no fire safety regulations.

MakaanIQ lists five things to protect your home from fire-related accidents:

Never overload your wirings

Overload on the electrical wiring at home is one of the leading causes of home fire. Ensure that the wiring has been checked by a certified electrician. Use a stabiliser when using heavy appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. Also, keep a check on wiring to know if it has been damaged by rodents or pests.

Install a smoke alarm

A smoke alarm can be a life-saver. Installing a smoke alarm can help you save yourself the moment a fire is detected. After it is installed, you also need to check these alarms periodically for maintenance.

Install fire extinguishers

The first thing to do to make your home fire-safe is having a fire extinguisher installed. Keep this extinguisher in the most accessible area of your house -- living room or dining area. Also, every member at home should learn how to operate it in case of an emergency. 

Fire-resistant flooring and carpeting

As tempting as they look, wooden floors or wool/synthetic carpets can be notoriously unsafe in case of fire. They burn quickly, giving little time for escape. But, if you still plan to install wooden flooring or carpeting, opt for the ones that are fire-resistant.

Lighting and decorative

Though things like candles, lamps or diyas are lit to add beauty to your home, you need to be careful when lighting them. Place them in open areas and away from fabric or things that can easily catch fire. Also, Indian kitchens still predominantly use gas stoves. So, ensure that it is switched off when not in use. If unattended, this can cause an accident.

Last Updated: Sat Jun 18 2016

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