5 Ways to Jazz Up Your Old Home

5 Ways to Jazz Up Your Old Home

5 Ways to Jazz Up Your Old Home

Many Indian families live in their ancestral homes built decades ago. Sometimes, such homes are not renovated frequently so that their old-world charm could be maintained. However, every home needs a regular revamp so that it is in tune with the latest interior trends and its construction remains steady.

MakaanIQ lists five ways to make old homes look new without losing their old-world charm.

Paint them new

The first step to a revamp is giving the old walls a new look by painting them in your favourite colour, or covering them with interesting wallpapers. For each room select a colour or wallpaper that fits well with the room's purpose.


Drape them in style

Homes built way back in the 1960s and '70s had some well-carved windows. To complement these windows, you need some beautiful curtains. Choose curtains that go well with the newly painted walls.

dreamstime_m_55784442(Dreamstime/Alexander Melnikov)

Fashion your walls with shelves

Wall shelves have a dual purpose – they decorate your walls and utilise space constructively. Place some interesting decorative pieces, vases or even stack that huge collection of books you have.

dreamstime_m_54408816(Dreamstime/Olia Vlasenko)

 Modern furnishing

Opt for contemporary furnishing to add a modern flavour to your home, blending traditional with modern. You only have to ensure that it suits the overall interiors of your house.


Transform room layouts

Old homes usually have odd room layouts and long, narrow spaces. Transform the narrow layout by removing unwanted walls and creating a larger space.


Last Updated: Fri May 27 2016

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