5 Ways To Give Your Home A Jaipur Twist

5 Ways To Give Your Home A Jaipur Twist

5 Ways To Give Your Home A Jaipur Twist

Are you in awe of the luxurious décor of palaces in Rajasthan and love the ethnic interiors that brighten up and look welcoming every time you enter your home? How about bring all this closer home?

We list out how you could give your home a royal makeover by following the Jaipur décor style.

Playing marbles 



Found in abundance in the state, marble is the most-loved stone in Rajasthan. From decorative to furniture, marble is used for everything here. So next time you pay a visit to Jaipur, do not forget to pick marble coasters, paperweight, idols, a table with marble top or a door knob made of marble. 

Patch up or block 'em


Patch work and block printing are two of the most popular styles that are could be seen across a wide range of furnishings. From bed covers and cushion covers to rugs and curtains, you could take your pick the way you would like to brighten things up at home.

While the patch work is a mix of different cloth patches which might include some heavy threadwork or mirrorwork, the block printing is done using wooden blocks with different carvings and sizes used on a cloth forming different shapes or patterns.

So, if you looking for a bright but not heavy furnishing, block printing should be your choice; if you want your home to have a tinge of bling, opt for patch work.

It's all about colours

hotel killa bhawan - jaisalmer - rajasthan - india

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Jaipuri home décor is all about colours. Ranging from as small as a pen to a home swing, articles sold in Jaipur markets have a flavour of bright colours. Interestingly, all the colours used in Jaipuri-style décor are happy and warm and would ensure a positive atmosphere at your home.

 Mirror, mirror everywhere


Another striking feature in Jaipuri style of décor is use of mirrors. Articles with mirrors of them could literally be a reflection of your personality. Pick from a well-carved mirror for your accent wall, or cushions on your low-lying seating area; they can brighten up your home in an instant.

Go earthy


Rajasthan's capital city is all about the earthy look when it comes to interiors. Being a city with hot and humid climate, homes use a lot of mud in its interior décor and even on walls to ensure that the interiors remain cool. Many homes in Rajasthan still have water dispensers made of mud that ensures the water remains cool even if there is no refrigerator. Well, you could decorate your home with carved-windows or popularly known as jharokas. Also bring in small jars, coffee mugs, tumblers and water dispensers made of mud to give your home an earthy look.

Last Updated: Sat Jun 18 2016

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