5 Ways To Give Your Façade A Brand-New Look

5 Ways To Give Your Façade A Brand-New Look

5 Ways To Give Your Façade A Brand-New Look
TERRART Baguettes can be customised to create a striking façade, colourful or muted. (stylepark.com)

Brick and painted facades have become common and do not catch the eye, especially if done the usual way. But, if you want your home envelope to look equally exciting and welcoming as your interiors, there are different materials that could easily replace the usual and boring painted exteriors.

MakaaniQ lists different ways in which you could dress up your façade differently:

Awning fabric


This is a suitable cover for balconies and for creating seating space on the terrace. Designed by construction material provider Sunbrella, the typical awning fabric is used as panels for windows. However, this high-performance material is now also being used as a façade for a complete space. The twisted form of these awnings is popular and has been used as an installation at the James Royal Palm in Miami. Available in wide colour contrasts, these can be interesting for an otherwise boring façade.

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Corrugated wall panels

Corrugated wall panels(archdaily.net)

These are widely used in large commercial projects but are equally viable for homes or housing projects. Produced by VMZinc, a company that provides innovative solutions in zinc for building envelope, this product is a part of the company rain-screen offerings. It is a self-supporting zinc-panel system that allows ventilation and light but keeps the interiors at bay from harsh weather conditions. The transparency of these panels is customisable.

ECO-MESH Trellis System

ECO-MESH Trellis System(Architizer)

From the house of McNichols, another provider of innovative building solutions, this system ensures that your façade is not just a plain wall but a breathing one. It is a mesh when installed that covers itself up with the greens. All you need to do is place some vertically climbing plants on it. Let them grow naturally and form a green wall of its own. A beautiful element, it also ensures shielding and promotes healthy living.

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What if we tell you that this product is like a façade textile? Fabrik by company Flexbrick is a flexible stainless steel frame that works like an architectural textile. This frame is designed to hold in between screens of terracotta, glass or wood, depending on your need and style. This façade can be completely customised into different patterns, shapes and sizes, based on the needs of the customer and also, the way the architect wants it to be. From far off it looks like an intricate brick work and can be great to add to balconies or even the complete façade.

TERRART Baguette

TERRART Baguette(stylepark.com)

Brick is passe, it is time for ceramic to capture your façade. Called TERRART Baguettes, these are a material that can be customised to create a striking façade colourful or muted. This façade used ceramic pipes that can be cut into shapes like square, circular or oblong depending on the visual effect you want to give your home. For those looking to control indoor temperatures, these can be perfect.

Last Updated: Thu Feb 23 2017

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