5 Ways To Fight Summers & Keep Your Home Cool

5 Ways To Fight Summers & Keep Your Home Cool

5 Ways To Fight Summers & Keep Your Home Cool
Being in air-conditioned rooms all day might be exhausting in its own way. How about a walk in the park when it not so hot out there? (Dreamstime)

As the citizens of a country where in most parts the summers stay for almost nine months, we dread the heat. We dread it even more because it's not just us the season impacts. Homes in India face the real heat, standing against the scorching sun. This is why it is imperative to put in place measures to minimise the damage that the season may cause to our beautiful homes and things around it.

A look at five challenges the summers pose to the well being of your home and ways how you can respond to it:

Hot in here? Why not chill out?
Almost everything during this season will revolve around that rising mercury levels. The heat would force you to constantly run air-conditioners and fans for the entire day. These appliances in turn would generate a heat of their own, impacting the health of your house. Your water needs will also go up sharply and any carelessness on the drainage may force a rainy day on you. While one can't suggest you stop using these appliances to keep yourself cool, it is advisable that you go out, too, to let your home breath in peace for a while. How about a walk in the park when it not so hot out there?

Creeping their way in. Shoe them
It's not just us humans who feel the heat; the pests will feel it, too, and try to find a shelter in dark and cool places of your home. Ants, cockroaches and many other creeping creatures will find their way into nooks and corners of your home, causing small damages and making your home unhygienic on the one hand and scaring you and your kids on the other. If the summers are approaching, we suggest you prepare yourself not to be bugged. Shopping stores these days offer a variety of remedies that would work effectively on different kinds of pests and keep your home smell and feel fresh.

Wilting greens. Put life back into them
This one would certainly have a more negative impact on you. Your pretty little kitchen garden will suffer when the scorching heat strikes. All your plans and shrubs would need special care during the summers. If you missed to water the plants even just once, the site of your wilted greens would be heart churning when you reach home after office.

Going off colour. Paint it plain
Sun rays will certainly harms the facade paints. The temperature of the house would on the other hand go further if your walls have dark-coloured paints in them. It would be good for the health of the walls if you could get the outer walls painted before the summers arrive using a light shade.

My pet and its world
You love your pets like your own kids and if they are troubled you are troubled. While your pet never leaves the air-conditioned room and loves its bathe throughout the summers, a rising temperature would give them a mood swing, too. They are also more prone to fall sick during the summers, especially if their food charts are not revised according to the changing season. Their daily walks in the morning and evening would tire them in the same manner as it exhausts you. Keep your pets clean to ensure the overall health of the house.

Last Updated: Mon Jul 11 2016

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