5 Ways To Curb The Mess During Renovation

5 Ways To Curb The Mess During Renovation

5 Ways To Curb The Mess During Renovation

Finally, you are ready for a home renovation ― a plan you were delaying for long, dreading the challenges that you will face and the mess that your home will be in. You begin the process by finding the right contractor and the best of building materials. In the process, however, do not overlook the fact that you have to prepare the site while the renovation is underway.

MakaaniQ lists some quick tips that will help you keep the mess in check:

Speak to your contractor

Before you begin the process, bring home the contractor and discuss in detail the renovation process for each room. Things that need moving from their places must be moved before the contractor's men arrive. This will make sure your goods are not damaged at all. Also, do not forget to instruct the contractor that you would like his team to clean up the mess before they move to the next spot.

Demarcate the renovation zone

Before the process begins, demarcate the zone where the renovation will take place, especially if you have children at home. This will keep them away from the area. You could use heavy-duty tape to restrict entry to the area. If you cover the area thickly with the tape, the flow of dust will be restricted to the renovation zone and not move to the other parts. You could also use thick plastic curtains to hang on the door.

Protect what you can't move

This is important in case you are not completely renovating a room. For instance, in case of kitchen renovation, you are only getting the cabinets changed and not the flooring, make sure you protect it. Cover it with plastic sheet while the carpenter does his work. Or, in case you are painting a room and you cannot move your wall-mounted cabinets, cover them. This will help in not getting a splash on paint on the cabinets. Make sure you have a lot of plastic sheets and newspapers available at home.

Cover up

Even other areas of your home need protection. During the time of renovation, while the contractor and his team are moving in an out of the home bringing in building material, they will be covered in dirt. Make sure you cover the heavy traffic areas with newspaper to avoid dirt to settle on your flooring or other things. And that way you could avoid nasty stains, too.

Clean up everyday

While you have already spoken to your contractor to maintain cleanliness, carry out a cleaning drive every day after the team leave each day. Clean other areas of your home that would have gathered dust during the day, wipe the floors and vacuum corners. This will help you keep the environment clean even when you are living in the home during the renovation process. 

Last Updated: Thu Apr 06 2017

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