5 Ways To Create Your Personal Space At Home

5 Ways To Create Your Personal Space At Home

5 Ways To Create Your Personal Space At Home

We all love to socialise, but there comes a time when we want to take a break from all and that's when we crave for personal spaces. Home is the place where we all head to when we want to disconnect from the outside world, but sometimes even that becomes impossible if living with a family. Your home is also a mini social space, where you have to create a personal space of your own.

Here's a quick guide by MakaaniQ, which will help you create a personal space of your own, when you think it is time to retreat to your comfort zone:

Cosy corners

Empty corners are perfect for a cosy space for having me time. Choose a sectioned-off corner of your house and place uncluttered open shelves. You could even opt for an area where others won't be walking through. Create a comfortable area by placing diminutive furnishings like a small writing desk where you could engage yourself reading your favourite book. Other options could be a basic extension table or an armless side chair. Hanging fabric to lower the apparent height of the ceiling or drapes at the window could also be a great idea.

Explore hidden spaces

If you are unable to find vacant space in your room, find ways to create one. Hidden drawers or hidden shelves in the wall could be a brilliant idea to store your leisure tools and a perfect secret space. Sheltered space on the outdoor can be utilised for relaxation during evenings.

Silence is golden

Once you have chosen a space of your own, make sure it provides you a sense of peace. Accessorise the room with furnishings that will absorb sound — an upholstered chair, rugs, a plush carpet and pillows. Install sound absorbing curtains usually made of thick textured material (wool or velvet). Soundproof the room by plugging open spaces from where sound is likely to travel through.

Let nature in

Create a mini-garden in your personal space and breath in the freshness. Include indoor plants or bouquet of flowers to freshen up the air and brighten up the mood. Even a window ledge packed with fragrant herbs would work wonders.

Subtle barriers

Physical barriers become necessary when there are many family members. The best method is to create partitions in the house yet maintaining the charm of the house is by using a curtained glass wall between your space and the rest of the room.

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