7 Ways To Create A Partition In Your Room

7 Ways To Create A Partition In Your Room

7 Ways To Create A Partition In Your Room

Solid walls are not the only way to create separate spaces in a big room, if you really intend to create a partition while keeping the layout fluid. Room dividers can be a perfect solution to create two separate areas in a room.

Here we list seven ways in which you could create a partition between two areas in a home.

Glass wall

Glass Door

A glass wall made with iron frames is a modern way of separating two areas in a home. Cover three sides of, say, your kitchen with a glass wall, separating it from the living room. Install glass doors to move between the two spaces and keep this door open in times when you have guests home to make the area look more spacious.

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Foyer wall


A foyer wall helps create privacy in a living room, which lies right at the entrance. The foyer wall, which runs parallel to your entrance, has to be only as wide as the entrance to block the view. This wall can be beautifully decorated using fancy lighting, a table and a frosted glass installed in the wall.

TV wall


One of the easiest ways of creating a room divider is a television wall. This wall could separate the living area, say, with the dining area. To beautify this wall, you could set up television and music console on one side and use a side table along with a painting to create a dining room-like space on the other.



Curtains are one of the most cost-effective and portable ways to divide two separate areas in a large space. For instance, you could install curtains to separate your bed area with the seating area that you have created in your bedroom. Or, use curtains to separate washing area with the rest of the bathroom. Curtains can be placed almost everywhere in your home for this purpose.

Wooden panel


The ones who have an earthy decor theme in their home could use wood or bamboo or jute string separators to cut a break for their homes. These are available in various cutout that makes it a focal point in itself without being further beautified using decorative. You could use this to separate the dining area with living room or create a divide between an open kitchen and the living area. Or, simply use it as a foyer wall to add to the aesthetics.


A functional and beautiful way of separating two areas in a home is creating a bookshelf. If you are an avid reader, you must have a large number of books. Why not put them of display and have a designated space for them. Create a bookshelf between the living area and a reading area or between your bed and a leisure area in the bedroom.

Folding door


A folding door is simply a slightly less movable form of curtain. Keep them open to make the area look bigger and brighter and close it to create a private space. Folding doors are available in various material, including glass, wood, printed paper or plastic sheets. These can be used to separate the bedroom with the walk-in wardrobe, the living area with the dining area or as a balcony door.

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Last Updated: Fri Apr 12 2019

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