5 Ways To Bring Nature Into Your Home

5 Ways To Bring Nature Into Your Home

5 Ways To Bring Nature Into Your Home

Living in high-rises and cities that have witnessed huge deforestation, we are getting disconnected from the nature and its elements. This is also visible in the way modern-homes are designed with less open spaces. That's why it becomes essential to bring in some elements of the nature into your home to bring back the connect for a healthy and peaceful lifestyle.

MakaanIQ lists few ways in which you could  bring nature into to your home:

Let it flow


We all love the sound and the coolness of a waterfall. Now that we cannot get an actual waterfall into our homes, why not install an artificial one. While the soothing sound of the falling water would have a positive impact on your mind, the whole system will add beauty to your home. These artificial indoor waterfalls are easily available online. In case you have less space or limited budget, you can opt for a countertop waterfall.

Go get the greens


Bring in some greens into your home. Buy some living plants in different shapes and sizes; spread them all over your house in various corners and on window sills. These would not only add colour to your home but also, keep the air clean. Aloe Vera, Spider Plant, Bamboo Palm and Snake Plant are some of the plants that keeps the air fresh.

Swimming into the beauty


Decorate your home with an aquarium housing beautiful and colourful fishes, adding naturalness to your home. To further add the nature fill the aquarium with water plants. Fish tanks are known to reduce stress and stabilise blood pressure. Moreover, as per feng shui, placing a fish tank brings prosperity and wealth.

Wood you


Use wooden decoratives to give a natural look to your home. You can use wooden clock, wall frames and tall wooden vases. Moreover, you can use chimes and decorative bowls made of wood.

Paint it natural


You can dedicate one wall of your home to the nature. Paint this wall with a scenery and bring nature to your home. This will make your home united with the natural world outside.

Last Updated: Fri Jul 15 2016

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