5 Ways To Bring Home Spring

5 Ways To Bring Home Spring

5 Ways To Bring Home Spring

After a harsh winter, with flowers blooming all around, the spring is officially approaching. The nature has taken a turn from grays to bright, sunny and colourful, urging us to bring these colours into our home too. So, what better than making your personal space blossom.

MakaaniQ shares five décor ideas with which you could bring home your own little spring:



These is the best way to have nature right inside your home if you have green thumb but face space constraint of having a garden of your own. Create your own terrariums and place them in different areas of your home including dining table, bedside table, kitchen, porch and even at the front door. While they will add colour to your interiors, they will also bring a dash of freshness, too.

Spring-inspired upholstery

floral upholstery(Dreamstime)

The most typical and the most effective way to add spring to your home. You could opt for floral curtains for a room with pastel décor, or add floral cushions or rugs to your home. If you are not really a fan of floral pattern you could just opt for upholstery that has colours of spring including yellow, green, pink, orange and others. But, ensure that you do not go overboard with colours and ensure that only one of the furniture is decorated in such a manner.

Flowers on the wall


A wall with flowers on it? Thinking how? You could do it in two ways. Got a blank wall in your living room? Convert it into an accent wall with a floral wallpaper. Another way of creating an accent wall is by adding some floral paintings or a life-size painting to make your room look bright. Wallpapers and even wall frames are a better choice over a bright-painted wall because the latter two options can easily be removed whenever you get bored of it.

Open up space

open up home(Dreamstime)

You must have kept your home all closed during the winters to keep yourself warm. It is time to open up the windows and even the doors to let the cool breeze come in. Paint your windows white to add to the look. Natural air would keep your home fresh and the bright light would accentuate the newly added spring-inspired upholstery.

Add a new piece of furniture

Floral Chair(Dreamstime)

How about adding an all new piece of furniture that is spring-inspired? Bring home a  that is covered in floral upholstery for your bedroom or how about foldable wooden chairs in bright colours which you could add to your garden. 

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