5 Ways In Which Businesses Can Contribute In Making Cities Green

5 Ways In Which Businesses Can Contribute In Making Cities Green

5 Ways In Which Businesses Can Contribute In Making Cities Green

While world leaders and champions of environment protection rack their brains to find ways to save the world, there is a lot we can do in our individual capacity. However, if big business houses decide to join hands, they would be able to make a great difference.

MakaaniQ lists five ways in which businesses could contribute in making cities greener:

By going digital

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are in vogue across business practices worldwide; companies in Indian could follow the same pattern. For instance, rather than using papers to print important documents, sending invoices, mails, etc, cloud services could be put to use for doing the job. To ensure privacy, companies can set up in-house software, too. These softwares are efficient, faster, accurate, and give a return on investment while paper is an ongoing expense.

By promote carpool  

By promoting carpooling or working-from home among their employees, business can do a great deal to save the environment. Imagine a certain fraction of workforce not traveling on road to commute to office because they are working from home. This also help companies save office resources, too. On the other hand, carpooling would bring down the number of cars on the roads and in your parking lot. This would mean much less carbon emission in the air.

By going green

How about a corporate social responsibility initiative under which a company ensures that as many as green products are used at the office as possible? Why not, for instance, using furniture made of reclaimed wood? How about tying up with a brand that produces green products?

By creating energy-efficient offices

Many businesses across the world are taking steps towards making their offices energy-efficient. This can be done by installing solar panels on rooftops, rainwater harvesting systems, etc. All these put together can help contribute to a larger good. For instance, solar panels could help in producing electricity for the office, and help you save on huge electricity bills.

By going green outside

Try the basics. If you have a lawn around the office, turn it into a lush green garden, create designated areas within the office to place plants or even invest in a vertical garden for the exterior of your building. Take cue from Pasona Group's head office that is an urban farm amid neon city lights.

Last Updated: Wed Jan 11 2017

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