7 Vintage Trends That Are Making A Comeback

7 Vintage Trends That Are Making A Comeback

7 Vintage Trends That Are Making A Comeback

When it comes to home décor every decade has given some amazing trends that have made history. While some fade away with time there are some styles make a comeback in a more refined form. So, what's your favourite old-school décor trend? Is it the finesse of the 1930s-40s, quirk of the 70 or bling of the 80s?

If you are planning to add some vintage styles to your home this season, we bring to you seven yesteryear trends that are now making a comeback:

Coloured glass crockery

Coloured glasses(Dreamstime)

This trend, which was a hit back in the 1960s and the 70s, is widely visible across home product stores. Ranging from glasses to plates and mugs to bowls, you could find a complete range of coloured glass crockery. This translucent and even completely opaque crockery can add a dash of brightness to your home. Place them in the kitchen, on your dining or just a piece or two in the living room to add to the look of the area. These are available in wide range of colours including red, blue, green, pink and yellow.

Bold colours

Vintage kitchen(Dreamstime)

Take a cue from the 1950s and give your home a hint of some unusually bold colours. These colours back in the 50s were used in the hues that are perfect for a matte finish. These colours are making a comeback across various areas of your home. People are choosing matte pink, blue and even yellow over the boring black, white, brown or grey to paint their kitchen cabinetry. Interestingly, if you don't plan to give your kitchen cabinetry a makeover, you can also add some bright-coloured appliances, available in the market, to your kitchen which is painted in monotones of white, brown or black.

Similarly, for other areas, pick some vases in matte colours or even lights whose fixtures are bright-coloured.


retro wall


A trend that made entry to every home in the 1960s are patterns. People used to pick up a certain pattern and add it a room in their home. These patterns were mainly found on the walls. Well, this trend is back and if you love the quirk, you got to bring it to your home. Pick up a bright-coloured patterned wallpaper from the market and go overboard by using this wallpaper on all the four walls of the room. To add to the look, add some bright monotone furniture. Ensure that the colour you pick is also in the wallpaper. This will pull down the in-your-face quotient of the room.

Chintz fabric

chintz chair


Remember that old curtain or table cloth your grandma owned with huge floral or other graphic print? Well, that 1950s English pattern is called Chintz and it's making a comeback. But, be careful when using this print because you can easily go overboard with it. You could have a wooden chair with Chintz upholstery, or cover a wall of your otherwise white bathroom with Chintz pattern, or how about Chintz curtains in your living area.

Oversized frames

pop wall frames(sharkdash)

For all those who loved the quirk of the 70s, where every decorative piece was oversized and bright, add some oversized frames in your living room, or even bedroom. Pick one of the plain walls of your living area, now pick some oversized frames with a portrait made of pop colours. Create a mix and match of two to three such frames, keep the other décor minimal and let them be the focal point of your room.

Wooden panelling


Thinking of wooden panels we go back to coastal and hilly areas. These are not just an integral part of old constructions in these areas but, have now picked up as a decor trend across modern-day homes. Giving an instant luxurious look and also, warmth, wooden panels are making a comeback in their old-school form.

Stained glass windows


Stained window glasses always remind us of the windows of the 17th century-constructed churches. Such stained glass windows are now making as a comeback to add quirk to homes. A little expensive, these can add the colours to your otherwise pastel home.

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