5 Types Of Wood Popular For Indian Furniture

5 Types Of Wood Popular For Indian Furniture

5 Types Of Wood Popular For Indian Furniture

Articles of furniture made of wood are timeless pieces you add to your dream home. It is an obvious choice since wood is a strong, long-lasting and an ageless material which never goes out of fashion. Though they are incorporated in every Indian household, not many of us know the kind of wood that goes into our furniture.  MakaanIQ helps you find out.


Also known as white cedar wood, Marandi makes a great veneer for wooden accessories, including chests, shoe racks, trunks and other decorative items. Apart from being sturdy which requires minimal maintenance, this wood has an aesthetic appeal. Mostly imported from Malaysia, this wood requires a seasoning of about one month before it is ready to be used.


Sheesham or Indian rosewood is one of the most sought-after material for furniture. A hardwood, Sheesham is a timeless wood which can be used with different polishes and finishes. A little expensive, it is termite-resistant and can withstand varying temperatures with an ease. A versatile material, you can make everything at your home, from bedroom to kitchen cabinets, sofa sets, dining sets, and even flooring from this wood. Most of the musical instruments are made of Sheesham. It is found largely in Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Odisha.

Sal Wood

Readily available in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Salwood is one the most durable types of timber. This type of wood doesn't require layers of polish to get the effect or to ensure its durability. With an ability to withstand water and underground conditions, it is a termite-resistant, dense wood which is apt for door frames, beams, and window frames.

Satin Wood

For those looking for vintage or classy look, opt for satin wood. Available locally in central and southern India, satinwood is hard and durable wood but, is high on maintenance unlike other types of wood. Used for furniture and decorative, satinwood could be given a desired pattern or finish by using the polish of your choice. This wood has a lustrous look and is fine grained. 

Teak Wood

One of the most commonly used wood, teakwood is both locally produced and imported. While it is produced locally in Kerala, it is imported from Ghana and Burma. Teakwood is strong, durable, and resistant to decay, thus, is used for furniture, door frames, cabinets, tables and even decorative items. One of the most affordable category, teakwood is a good investment option.

Last Updated: Wed Dec 19 2018

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