5 Types Of Windows For Your Home

5 Types Of Windows For Your Home

5 Types Of Windows For Your Home

Windows are necessary in every home. They are our gateway to the nature outside, bringing in sunlight and natural air making a good ventilation system.

But, when installing the windows in your home, every area of your home may require a different kind of window based on its use.

MakaanIQ talks about different kinds of windows you could install in your home:




The commonly found window, this type is hinged on either left or right and is operated using a handle mechanism to open outside or inside. These are great for areas including kitchen and living rooms that need good ventilation. When closed it reduces noise pollution and ensures a low air-leakage rate. It is appropriate for people living in a noisy neighbourhood. But, for those planning to install air-conditioners these windows could be a hindrance.



If you want a window that suits that is aesthetically appealing, then double-hung is a great option. These are available in different materials including fiberglass, aluminium, wood and vinyl and are a perfect fit for rooms that require window air-conditioner. Easy to clean because of the tilt-out upper and lower sashes, these windows help maintain the indoor temperature. The only limitation these have is that it offers limited ventilation, due to limited open space.



Fixed windows are a perfect fit for a home or a room that offers a beautiful outside view as these allow an unobstructed view. It is good for a room where you need good sunlight and prevent the air and noise pollution to enter in. The disadvantage is that the exterior of these windows has to be cleaned from the outside.




Gliding windows are the sliding windows that are easy to operate and can be opened from both sides. These conserve space as they slide open rather taking up the outside or the inside space. It can be installed where there are walkways. These are the most convenient option to move out in case of an emergency.


awning windows-flickr-BetaView Aluminium Windows and Doors(Flickr)

An aesthetically appealing type, awning windows offer good ventilation and give your home a contemporary look.  The disadvantages are that these are unsafe if the window deck faces a sidewalk, terrace or porch. In difficult situations, fast escape is difficult. On the other hand, that is an advantage, too, in case of unwanted entry. The window needs to be cleaned more regularly as compared to other windows. This is because open sashes are exposed to dirt.

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