5 Types Of Outdoor Curtains That Ensure Privacy

5 Types Of Outdoor Curtains That Ensure Privacy

5 Types Of Outdoor Curtains That Ensure Privacy

Curtains are one of the key elements when designing a home. An integral part of the decor, curtains are known to not only add to the beauty but also provide privacy. For those who have a backyard, a porch or a patio area in their homes, curtains play an even more crucial role in ensuring privacy yet keeping you connected to nature when you have a party with your friends or even when you are sipping your cup of evening tea with your family.

Available at different price points, you could pick the one that best suits your need and budget.

Here, MakaanIQ lists five types of beautiful curtains that will provide your backyard as well as the front portico the privacy you want while you enjoy:

Drop it!

15452530635_2f8876a277_b(Flickr/Day Donaldson)

If you have a limited budget and do not want to go fancy with the look, a humble drop cloth would not only serve the purpose but also turn out to be a subtle yet beautiful addition to the décor.  You could measure the drop cloth to your desired length and use throughout the length and breadth of the portico. All you need to do is tie it up in the middle with ribbons to allow light, which would also give it a classy look. For this, the best colours would be white or pastels shades of pink, blue, yellow or even green.

Shine with sheer


If you are not in favour of totally blocking the outside view yet keep that nosy neighbour from peeking, then the sheer net curtains are for you. Simply pin the net curtains in pleats, with the help of staple gun to give that wavy look. The flowing cloth would add to the fairytale look.

Nature at its best


If you are not in for fabrics and rather would want to give your outdoor room a permanent natural look, you could add bamboo screens framed in wooden panels fixed on the railings. These frames would not require any adjustments and will be more of a permanent solution to the privacy issue.

Fold it!


If you would not want to give a permanent look to your patio but are in for the natural look, opt for these foldable readymade bamboo blinds also known as 'chick'. These look like curtains and are made out of thin bamboo sheets hanging from curtain rings. This allows these curtains to fold in clean rows when you want to pull aside the curtain.

The dark side

Rickard Mesh screens 002(sunshade.co.nz)

All those who would a want to keep it cool even during summers, opt for dark screens or curtains. The dark would provide you the much-needed shade and coolness during the summers when you want some respite from the glaring sunlight.

Last Updated: Fri Aug 19 2016

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