5 Types Of Garden Flooring For A Perfect Walk

5 Types Of Garden Flooring For A Perfect Walk

5 Types Of Garden Flooring For A Perfect Walk

We invest heavily in our home flooring ensuring that the indoor flooring is perfect, doesn't get affected by the weather and has a long shelf life. But, do we think the same about our garden flooring or garden stones that create a path for you to walk on?

In fact, at times we just leave it like a plain concrete walkthrough with gravel on the sides. But, why not give your garden a brand new look and feel by using different types of stones that would complement the gravel and add beauty to your green landscape coupled with bright hues.

MakaaniQ lists five types of garden stones you could opt from for your garden:




The beauty of this stone lies in its irregular shape and size. These can give your garden a classic pathway when coupled with light or even dark coloured gravel. Place them on the pathway as blocks and fill the space with gravel to give a complete look. To add to the look, you could add old wooden furniture or a bench for the family to sit and enjoy together. Make sure you fill enough gravel in the spaces between two stones to keep everyone away from the jagged edges.

Concrete pavers


Mind you, we are not talking about the usual uni-tone concrete flooring rather we say you opt for multi-coloured blocks of concrete to create a bright pathway. This will go well if you have flower beds spread across your garden. Add a fire pit to the set up for warm evenings. Make sure you choose the light hues for the concrete blocks.

High-contrast stone


Does your garden have light-coloured gravel and you want to add a contrasting colour floor? How about picking up black coloured stone and placing each block after a gap. This will give your pathway a look like a staircase. And the contrast would make your landscape look spacious and playful. Add some contemporary plantation for best results.

Brick and stone


Go the old-school way and pick the evergreen mix of brick and stone. This would never go out of style and go well if your home is designed in a vintage manner. Make sure the gravel is levelled to the brick and stone to ensure the edges don't hurt. This will also reduce movement within the pathway.

Cor-Ten Steel

corten steel(paneltech-systems.co.uk)

So you love the industrial look for your home? Pick this steel that looks rusted and fits well with the natural colour of gravel. Cor-Ten Steel can be used to cover the flower beds as well as for a fencing of the staircase in your garden. Fill this fence with silver or white coloured gravel for the desired look.

Last Updated: Mon Jan 16 2017

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