5 Types Of Façades That Will Give A Fresh Look To Your Home  

5 Types Of Façades That Will Give A Fresh Look To Your Home  

5 Types Of Façades That Will Give A Fresh Look To Your Home  

A home should be beautiful inside out. While we focus a lot on the interiors of our home, the drab concrete-covered brickwall with any paint is the façade of our house. Façade, which is the exterior or the face of the structure, needs to be eye-catching, too. In fact, you could follow design trends here, too, like you would for the interiors.
MakaanIQ lists some of the trendiest façade styles that could give your home a unique look:
The raw look


One of the classiest and never-out-of-fashion way to do up your façade is to give it a raw look. Use bricks and leave them raw with a coat of weather-friendly paint. Brick façade is known to have a positive impact on the environment inside and it is one of the strongest forms and resistant to frequently changing weather conditions.
But make sure the colour is brick red to keep the rawness intact. Fill this façade with various greens and flowers to grab eyeballs. A bright and welcoming façade, this would look right out of the woods. To add modernism to this look, the bricks could be laid in dynamic or asymmetrical manner.
There is a class in glass


Glass, which now adorns the façade of many tall structures across the world, could also be apt for your home, too. Earlier, glass was only used in windows or doors for the exterior of a home, but now, glass is capturing a larger part of the façade. It has become a favourite among architects given the beauty it adds to the structure and also, how it acts as a thin barrier between the outside nature and indoors. The concept that lets the natural light fill the home, it makes the interiors look and feel more spacious. Moreover, with innovation, more and more interesting ways of using glass are being introduced and even put to practice.
Steel it!




Are you a fan of the industrial look or have a thing for steel, then you could now give your home a steel exterior. Used in various ways and in various degrees, steel could add class and style to your home. It could be molded into various shapes and when paired with glass and even, wood this could take the beauty of your home to another level. Though affected by changing weather conditions, steel when once naturally corroded brings out a layer that remains unaffected by further damage. Thus, standing strong in harsh conditions.
Dynamics of dynamic


The best way to give your home a unique look is to give the exteriors a dynamic façade. In the case of dynamic façade, each one of its kind. One of the most modern forms, this façade is also known to be environmentally efficient. These are designed to balance the amount of light and shading that one needs in their home. Such facades are designed using technology and even operate using technology. The technology allows the homeowner to adjust the lighting and shading based on their need, any time of the day. Thus, every time some sees your home, they would have an illusion that it has changed.
Used widely across the upcoming skyscrapers and highrises, the unique quality of change makes this façade aesthetically appealing, too.
Good ol' wood



Want to give your home a warm look? Wood is the right kind of façade for your home. With innovation driving interestingly designed wooden façades, the basic still lets your home have a natural appeal, no matter how modern the design be. Used more commonly in residential real estate, wood is generally used as a camouflage for the concrete exterior of the home, thus, if you plan to change the façade in future, you could easily do that. Moreover, we also know the ecological qualities of wood, the reason it's a favourite with homeowners and architects alike.

Last Updated: Sun Aug 14 2016

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