5 Tricks To Keep Your Kids Room Mess Free

5 Tricks To Keep Your Kids Room Mess Free

5 Tricks To Keep Your Kids Room Mess Free
For engaging the kid into organising things, you may have to make some changes. (Dreamstime)

Keeping your children's room mess free is no child's play; kids will be kids, they will play and turn the house upside down. However, scolding them for this would take the fun out of your kid's life. This is why it is important for you to take this task of keeping the house organised in your stride.

Here are some tricks to help you achieve this:

Involve your child

Instead of scolding, involve your children in organising their rooms. Do remember that by teaching him small things, you would make a big contribution in shaping you child's general behaviour.

Look from a child's perspective

For engaging the kid into organising stuff, you may have to make some changes. For instances, heavy furniture are hard to manage for your kids. Lower clothing rods, low level storage and child-sized hangers will be handy tools in your child's learning process.

Store well

Storage is the most important which is required to keep the room clean and less messy. Make sure you have ample storage in the kids' room to keep things organised and in place. You can use some storage hacks as well.

  • Baskets: Keep baskets available in different shapes and sizes in your child's room. Baskets are an easy storage option to keep toys of different sizes and easily within the reach of your child.
  • Under the bed: If the room does not have ample space, make use of the space under your child's bed. You can keep some storage organisers or boxes to keep his belongings. However, make sure that these boxes are easily accessible; you can choose boxes with wheels or handles.
  • DIY (do-it-yourself) organisers: You can create some DIY organisers to keep small-sized toys and stationery. Hooks can also be fixed on the walls to hang things like accessories, bags or clothes.

Label it

Labelling makes it easier for child to recognise and keep things in place. Put labels on each storage section and give your child a specific place to keep a specific thing.

Start from bottom to top

For organising the room, it is advisable to begin from the bottom of the room. Keep those belongings in the lower shelves that your child needs almost every day. Use the space over the cupboard or shelves for things or toys that are barely used or are kept as a part of the décor.  

Last Updated: Fri Aug 19 2016

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