5 Tips To Wine And Dine At Home

5 Tips To Wine And Dine At Home

5 Tips To Wine And Dine At Home
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You may love to savour your sumptuous meal at a fine-dining restaurant but it's the home-made scrumptious food that takes the cake. If you do not want to step out of your home, you can create a restaurant-like feel in your own dining area. All you need to do is to arrange the required paraphernalia and set the mood. MakaanIQ tells you how to create a restaurant-like ambiance at home for your family and friends.

Arrange the table

Set the Table (wikipedia.org)


The first thing you will notice when you sit down for your dinner will be the arrangement on the table. Begin with place mats and coasters, place them on the table. Get your chic dinnerware and fine cutlery out of the closet, which you have reserved only for 'special' occasions. Use either a regular drinking glass or wine glass, depending upon the drink you want to serve with the dinner. Bring in serviette or table napkins to complete the look.    

Add a centrepiece

centre piece

Put a centrepiece on your dinner table. It is not necessary to keep an expensive or exclusive piece; you can simply arrange seasonal fruits in a beautiful vintage bowl or keep a flower arrangement in the centre, as most restaurants do. The aroma of flowers will also create a sensory experience. You can also opt for aromatic candles or a simple candle stand which will add a warm glow on your food.

Set the mood


This can be done by setting the right lights, temperature and music. Use lights whose intensity can be increased or decreased. Temperature should also be set in a comfortable mode and play some light music to soothe the senses.

Add an art work

centre piece

You must have observed that the restaurant walls are rarely empty and are decorated with a vibrant art work to grab eyeballs. Steal this idea and make the walls of your dining area stand out by hanging an abstract art work or your favourite picture from the family album.   

Serve with a smile


You might have cooked the food with all your love and set your dining area in a restaurant mode, but serving the food with a smile is what you should adopt from the restaurant staff. No matter if you are hosting your own family members or guests, serve them with a smile and win their hearts and compliments.

Last Updated: Thu Jul 14 2016

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