5 Tips To Upgrade Your Home And Get Good Returns Too

5 Tips To Upgrade Your Home And Get Good Returns Too

5 Tips To Upgrade Your Home And Get Good Returns Too

Whether it is simply to enhance the beauty of a home or add value to home investment, home remodelling is a step which is commonly undertaken by homeowners. However, it is not essential to go for a large-scale re-modelling project but making smart little changes to the residential space can do wonders when it comes to enhancing the realty value of a housing space.

MakaanIQ tells you some smart ways to increase the sale value of your house.

Kitchen upgrades

 Renovating the kitchen area is one of the easiest ways to add value to a residential property. This includes making cosmetic yet inexpensive changes to the kitchenette like installing new cabinetry and appliances, painting old cabinets in new colours, getting a new countertop, new fixtures like faucets and sink, shiny knobs for cabinets, replacing outdated hardware with new drawers and cabinet pulls or even repainting the appliances.

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Revamp your bathroom

Nothing turns off a potential buyer more than an outdated washroom. A toilet that appears old and dirty could decrease the value of a property. Replacing old lighting and plumbing fixtures, adding a new window, re-grouting the tile floor or replacing old wallpaper could be some pocket-friendly ways to add a modern look to the bathroom. Bathrooms are no longer mere utilitarian spaces. Buyers love homes having spa features in the bathroom like jetted soaking tubs, multi-sprayer showers and large square footage will add value to the overall household.

Painting the interiors

Adding fresh new colours to the home interiors is a cost-effective home improvement idea. Vibrant coats of paint to the walls and furniture not only helps bring a new breath of life to the residence but also augment the returns on investment. Neutral tones preferably in whites and off-whites, beige or muted green are some good options. If you have a minimum budget, just opt for prominent areas such as kitchen, living room and bathroom.

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Outdoor improvements

Buyers give weightage to home exteriors just as much as the home interiors. A dilapidated exterior wall is a major turn-off for potential buyers. Some excellent ways to enhance the exteriors include replacing cracked siding boards or repointing brick walls, replacing the door bell, paint touch-ups and landscaping the yard. Repainting the front door and placing an awning above could be yet another great way to upgrade.

Fix structural problems

Finally, even before you begin with the cosmetic improvements for other areas of the house, check for serious structural defects like leaking roof, dampness, bowing walls, insect infestation, broken roof tiles or collapsed floor/slab. Cosmetic solutions tend to hide the structural errors, undertake immediate repair work. 

Last Updated: Wed Mar 01 2017

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