5 Tips To Save Money During Remodelling Project

5 Tips To Save Money During Remodelling Project

5 Tips To Save Money During Remodelling Project

Remodelling can bring an air of freshness and to your home. But, amid the excitement about everything new that you will add to your home, a remodelling project also tests your patience as well as your budget.

While adding new things, you may forget the budget that you had set yourself.

MakaaniQ lists five quick tips that will help you cut unnecessary costs that come with a remodelling project:

Research well about the contractor

The first thing to do when planning a remodelling project is to find the right contractor. Start by making a list of all the contractors you know and contacting each one of them. Make sure to take quotes on their price and asking for specific timelines and list it down. Try to bargain the price and name their competitors and the price they are quoting.

The idea is not to just opt for a contractor that sounds promising, make sure he is trustworthy, too. Ask for his previous client details and check with them or even visit their property to see his work. After all, you will be opening your home to him. It is essential to do a background check to ensure he can be trusted. Also, ensure that you keep a tab on the products you order for the project and see to it that things don't go missing or are not being wasted or misused. Otherwise, you will be spending extra. 

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Need over desire

This is a thumb rule if you are on a budget. Give preference to what you need and not what you desire. The two areas which see desire surpassing your need are often the kitchen and the bathroom. Make sure you install things that you need. For instance, if your bathroom fittings are working fine then just add a fresh coat of paint and a new vanity to give a new look to the bathroom. On the other hand, if the kitchen cabinetry is in perfect shape just add new knobs to the cabinet doors and a new light fixture.

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Pre-used can be cool too

Have you ever visited a chor bazaar (markets that sell second-hand or stolen products)? These can be exciting for those who love to explore and are fine using interesting stuff even if it second-hand. Here you can find some interesting decorative items or even furniture for your home at a much lower price than what you would have spent at a plush furniture store or paid to the carpenter.

Re-use materials

At the time when your home undergoes remodelling, there will be materials that are removed from one area but can still be used with a little repair in another area of your home. Look for these materials. It could be flooring that could be broken and used as a pathway of your garden or a cabinetry which when remodelled with colour or accessories can be used in your spare bathroom to store things. This will help you save on the things that you would have bought otherwise. Also, check with your contractor if he has some spare material from his previous job which he could use.

Last Updated: Mon Mar 20 2017

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