5 Tips To Ensure A Timeless Home Design

5 Tips To Ensure A Timeless Home Design

5 Tips To Ensure A Timeless Home Design

Trends change overnight, making what is in vogue today totally out of fashion tomorrow. In times like these when trends change with every passing day, having a home that adorns a timeless design is a challenge. Many homebuyers, following the latest trends, design their homes. However, these fade away too soon. So, what can you do to ensure that your purchase of a lifetime is timeless? Here are some tips for you.

Neutrals go all the way

Neutral colours are timeless. When painting your house or adding new furniture to it, opt for neutral colours. You could keep your home trendy by adding furnishings that are in vogue and can be changed with time. For instance, colours or patterns can be added through cushions, rugs, decorative, curtains, among others. While painting and furniture can cost you a lot, having something which will last for years to come is the smart way to spend.

High ceilings are forever

Say yes to high ceilings for those who want to make your home look timeless and always in sync with the outdoors. High ceilings not only add beauty to your home they also make it look bigger. High ceilings also ensure that you could have taller windows allowing the light to seep in. Here is a timeless way to keep your bright and beautiful.

Don’t go all out with technology

Technology is advancing rapidly. What you are adding to your home today, might have an upgraded version in a month’s time, making the existing one old or obsolete. We suggest you add technology only where it is needed. Having highly technological equipment in space like a bathroom is not a great idea. There is something new in the market every day. Having the basics is timeless.

Connect the rooms

There was a time when open-space layouts were the trend. However, over the time many home designers have realised that open plans add to the electricity bills and take away the privacy of each space. Having rooms that are connected yet separated by a wall is timeless. They have been there for decades and will be there for decades.

Opt for natural material

Use of natural material in the house has always been recommended. Designing your home using wood, stone, marble and other natural material will keep your home in vogue always. For a timeless space, these material are timeless, too. Moreover, these material have a longer life when compared to the man-made counterparts.

Last Updated: Thu Jul 12 2018

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