5 Tips To Design An Eat-In Kitchen

5 Tips To Design An Eat-In Kitchen

5 Tips To Design An Eat-In Kitchen

Having a meal together with family is a luxury in today's time. One of the ways you can achieve this while on of you cooks is by having a eat-in kitchen. A small family of four can easily design their kitchen such that it accommodates all of you. Imagine a piping hot dinner being served right in the den.

If you are planning to give your kitchen a makeover or making a new one, here are some tip to achieve an eat-in option:

The furniture

Eat in Kitchen Furniture

To begin with, you will need to bring a seating arrangement in the kitchen. So, when designing, keep ample space for placing a dining table. Think minimal when opting for a kitchen dining. Straight lines would ensure the space is well utilised and also, ensure that no one bumps into any extended part of the furniture. So how about a bench style setting or doubling up the island to turn into a dine-in space?

Ample lighting

Eat in kitchen lighting

When eating, the visual impact is very important. We see the food before we eat it, hence, ample lighting is needed when having food. A well-lit kitchen with focus as well as ambient lights can do wonders. Moreover, if there is a window in your kitchen, that's your brownie points. In such a case, ensure that your dining faces the kitchen and natural light can brighten up the eating experience.

Deck it up

Deck up kitchen decor

Your eat-in kitchen is more than a cooking space. It is an equal part of your interior décor and hence, calls for a well-designed and decorated space. A place where everyone will eat should be surrounded by visually appealing things. For the kitchen, you could add small plants, and a wall decorative. You could also replace the old storage boxes with new stylish and quirky boxes to add to the look. Also, ensure that your kitchen is well-designed and has a colour theme.


Kitchen lighting ventilation

It can be difficult to sit in a kitchen and breath in the cooking fumes. It is important that your eat-in kitchen is well-ventilation. Install a chimney and an exhaust. An open-plan kitchen is perfect to create an eat-in kitchen, but in case there is a door, make sure it is open when the family is having a meal. You could also open the windows.


Kitchen lighting ventilation

Along with a good looking kitchen, a clean kitchen is also necessary. Make sure the kitchen is not cluttered. Have ample cabinets to store all you could and keep the place neat and clean. Do not clutter the dining table, too. Only keep the basics and more room for people to eat easily.

Last Updated: Wed Jul 12 2017

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