5 Tips To Create A Green Bathroom

5 Tips To Create A Green Bathroom

5 Tips To Create A Green Bathroom

A green bathroom is a great way to solve the energy crisis faced by the country.  Not just this, it also ensures good health of the family members. A green bathroom saves money and promotes sustainable living. If you are also thinking to go for an eco-friendly bathroom, then here are some tips:

Install water saving equipment

Go for water-efficient showerheads, water saving bathroom faucets, tank less water heater and using low flow toilets. This will help you save thousands of gallons of water every year. Along with this, make sure that the toilet is flushed with care. Modern flushes have the tendency to use more water than it is actually required. The simple way to keep this in check is to place a brick or cinder block inside the external flush tank. This way every time the flush is filled that much amount of water will be saved leaving enough water for use. Along with this, a cautious behavior while using water in the bathroom will help you save water.

Go for green personal care products

Go for green products in the bathroom. This includes eco-friendly soaps, lotions and cosmetics. This will be beneficial for your skin. Along with that, it will be beneficial on the fish and other organisms after the residual of the eco-friendly soaps escape into the water stream. Switching to towels made of organic cotton and bamboo is another way to go for an eco-friendly bathroom.

Go for efficient electrical appliances

Switching to LED light bulbs will help you bring down your electricity bill. These bulbs cost around 30 to 40 per cent more than the traditional lighting options depending on the brand you choose and last four to five times longer and have zero maintenance cost. Also, choosing an energy-efficient vent fan and a solar water heater will further bring down your electricity bill.

Go for eco-friendly materials

It is important to go for eco-friendly countertops. Go for bio-glass, bamboo, paper stone and ice stone materials for the countertop of the bathroom. Choosing recycled rubber sinks, salvaged sinks, and recycled bronze sinks is another step towards an eco-friendly bathroom. Moreover, installing eco-friendly tiles in the bathroom is another way to an eco-friendly bathroom.

Maintaining the bathroom

Once you have created an eco-friendly bathroom, its maintenance is equally important. Unclog drains, be mindful of mold and fix leaky faucets. Replace the green products with new ones. Make sure that you continue to follow the eco-friendly practices that you started with.

Last Updated: Thu Jul 20 2017

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