5 Tips To Build A Working Relationship With Your Builder

5 Tips To Build A Working Relationship With Your Builder

5 Tips To Build A Working Relationship With Your Builder
Professional help from a builder can help get a project done as per your requirement. Dreamstime)

If you're planning to construct your own home or renovate your old family home, you would need professional help from a builder. Nasty stories of people facing issues with builders are common knowledge, with the difference of opinion, delayed completion deadlines or even sites left unfinished. It is not that the builders are unprofessional or incapable of performing their jobs, many a time it's the lack of communication or mismanagement.

Here are some suggestions which can help you build better relations with your builder.

Do you really need to hire a builder?
Firstly, locate if you really need a specialist or a general builder. The need to hire a professional depends upon the kind of project you want to undertake. If it's simple renovation, then a general builder would do, but in case you plan to work on a big project, then a specialist such as an architecture could help you. Another thing to keep in mind is not to be hasty in approaching a builder.

Check scope of the project
Look at the scope of the project while choosing a builder. For a luxury project, you would need a renowned and experienced builder; however, for small-scale projects, a general builder would suffice.

Allow the builder to manage things at the site
When you have hired a builder, trust him. It is necessary to give your inputs, but do not interfere too much in his work. A builder better knows how many people are required at a particular time. Do keep an eye on the progress of the project work, but when you have hired a professional, do let the person do his job. Be specific with him in advance what you need and how you want things to work at the project and then let him carry on with his tasks. This will not only help maintain harmony among the two, but will also give him a chance to successfully complete his assignment.

Negotiate well
Consult various builders, compare their fees, inspect their past work and finalise the deal. Be clear on your requirements and your budget and accordingly chose the best one for your project. Once, you decide to hire one, do not neglect signing a builder's contract. It is not only important but also an essential document which should be prepared in advance having clauses regarding all the requirements that the builder needs to meet.

Conduct an inspection
Although you trust your builder and his work, it is also necessary to keep a track of what's happening at your property site. Regularly inspect the site and check the progress of the work. Do check the quality of material that the builder is using as it can eventually affect the quality of your home.

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Last Updated: Tue Nov 15 2016

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