5 Things You Should Know About Dubai's First Hotel That Will Host A Rainforest

5 Things You Should Know About Dubai's First Hotel That Will Host A Rainforest

5 Things You Should Know About Dubai's First Hotel That Will Host A Rainforest

Dubai, the desert city, is always in the news for hosting architectural innovations. After being home to the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa and in the works of constructing world's tallest residential structure, Meydan One, the city will also be home to a hotel featuring a rainforest by 2018. The project, to be completed at a cost of $550 million, is aimed at redefining luxury in a city that is known to offer some of the world's most exclusive experiences.

Amazed as we are knowing about it, the structure, conceptualised and designed by Zas Architects, will surely leave the visitors perplexed, giving them a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The property, Rosemont Hotel & Residences, will be operated by the hospitality major Hilton Worldwide under its brand Curio. It will be constructed near the Tecom area off Sheikh Zayed Road.

MakaaniQ takes you on a tour of what the project will offer once constructed:

  • A mixed-use property: The project, which will be spread across over two million sq ft of area, will host a hotel, a residential apartment tower, and leisure spaces, including an artificial beach, and a glass-bottom pool. There will be two 47-storey towers each being a hotel and a residential tower. While the hotel tower will have 448 rooms, there will be 280 apartments in the residential tower.

full(ZAS Architects)

  • Kissing the nature: The most striking feature about the hotel will be the 75,000-sq-ft rainforest that will welcome guests to a whole new world in the middle of Dubai's searing heat. This rainforest will feature a sand-less beach, a splash pool, a stream, and adventure trails. Moreover, you will also find a prehistoric Jurassic-inspired marsh, and a rainforest café.

rainforest jurassic(ZAS Architects)

  • Swim in the sky: Another striking feature of this hotel will be a transparent sky pool, sitting on the 25th floor of the hotel. This will be an overhanging, glass-bottom pool, which will allow you breathe in the beautiful cityscape of Dubai.

Rosemont hotel and residences(ZAS Architects)

  • Walk through the jungle: With the help of technology, the hotel will be designed with a rain room that will offer a 360-degree experience of a rainforest. So, you can enjoy the rainfall without getting wet. Wondering how? The area will be installed with sensors that would stop the rain to reach human body as the water would flow in a two-metre radius around the person.

rainforest(ZAS Architects)

  • An experience like never before: Every time a guest would arrive, the lobby will greet the guests with a dynamic 3D projection that could showcase a rainforest or an aquarium. Moving further to the foyer, the guests will be taken care of by robotic luggage handlers. One could also enjoy experiences including on-site bowling alley, trampoline park, or laser tag arena.

Lobby(ZAS Architects)

Last Updated: Mon Aug 29 2016

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