5 Things To Avoid When Designing A Dining Area

5 Things To Avoid When Designing A Dining Area

5 Things To Avoid When Designing A Dining Area

Decorating a house is a process that involves choosing the right furniture, upholstery, furnishings, and decorative items and keeping them in the right place. But, sometimes when we are choosing all these things based on our aesthetic sense, we end up doing certain goof-ups which completely killing the look we wanted to create.
So, if you're in the process of designing your dining area and want to offer a perfect dining experience to your family, friends and relatives, here are certain things you should avoid:
Incorrect measurements

When designing a dining area, this is one of the most common blunders home-owners make. Incorrect measurements can completely make the look of your dining room fall flat. This is especially true of furniture. When going furniture shopping, take the correct measurements of the room and see what all could fit right in the given space.
So, you loved that bench-style dining table or the elaborate six-seater? But before you select either of the two, look at the measurements you have and see which of the two would fit perfectly.
Inadequate lighting

It is a known fact that food should just not taste delicious but also look delicious. This can only be achieved if the dining area is well-lit. So, do not compromise on the lighting in this area. Also, ensure that focus lights are placed on the top of the dining table and also some wall scones on the sides. You could also invest in standing lamps to add to the ambience.
Improper spacing

Just because you liked them doesn't mean you will clutter the dining area with an elaborate dining table or decorative or  even greens. Ensure that while placing the dining table and seating there is enough space for people to move around from all the four sides even when the chairs are pulled out. Do not place small decorative items in the way that might cause a hindrance for the people. Also, choose a dining table that offers seating with adequate spacing, otherwise the people on the dining table might be banging their elbows into each other.
Uncomfortable furniture

Remember, a dining table is used by people of all age groups. So, when picking up this piece of furniture, comfort should be your priority. While you would find a resin or plastic made dining table a fit for your contemporary home, it might get uncomfortable to sit on for your parents. On the other hand, if you have children at home, do not invest in a dining table that has sharp edges or design that could harm them. Also, see that the seating is not too high.
Mix 'n' match

When choosing for the furniture and decorative for your dining area, make sure that all these are in sync with your overall theme of your home. Do not end up mixing and matching the things, this would not make the room stand out rather would make it look out of place. An in-sync room would complete the décor flow of your home.

Last Updated: Fri Nov 04 2016

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