5 Space Design Tips For Small Room

5 Space Design Tips For Small Room

5 Space Design Tips For Small Room
Designing small rooms could be a challenge but can be achieved with some tricks. (Dreamstime)

Decorating small spaces is as challenging as sprucing up a large area. Wrong colour, inappropriate furniture arrangement and mismatched patterns can make the interior of the room look chaotic. However, using some tricks and interior designing tips can make your small room appear big and pleasing.

Scale and proportion

scale & proprtions

In smaller spaces, it is always important to keep synergy between scale and proportion. Keep the furniture that is right in size for the room; it should not be very small or very large in size. A very large size couch can overtake the space while a very small one could look dwarfed. If you want to mix large pieces with smaller ones, then use a large bookcase along the wall and keep the size of the other furniture pieces small.

Dark colours

dark colour

Do not overdo a room with everything in a dark shade. A room with dark coloured walls, dark furnishings and a dark rug will not only make it appear small, but will also make you feel claustrophobic. Use light shades in small rooms to make them feel bright and airy.

Traffic patterns


Although you have a right size furniture, you want to keep the space with easy flow of movement. Keeping the couches and chairs away from the wall can create depth in the space. If you want to see a large amount floor, which also makes a room appear big, then keep a rug of the same colour as your floor as you will visualise more open space.



A small room with insufficient lighting can make it appear like a den. Use table lamps, floor lamps or pendant lighting to add lights in the room. Another trick is to use mirrors. Mirrors can help you in two ways – one, it will reflect the natural light and two, it will create an illusion of a wide space.

Architectural details

architectiural detail

Use some architectural details to make your room look large and well-designed. Wall moulding can make it add details to the walls. Similarly, you can also consider adding rails, panel moulding or bed boards to add some style to the end design.

Last Updated: Mon Oct 03 2016

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