The Possibilities That Come Along With An Attic

The Possibilities That Come Along With An Attic

The Possibilities That Come Along With An Attic

The attic, oozing an old-school aura in your home, is sometimes left unused and turns into a dark place used for dumping unwanted things. But, your attic is one area in your home that you can utilise very smartly.

MakaanIQ lists five ideas by which you can transform your attic for various purposes:

  • A¬†bookworm's¬†attic

Want to create a small cozy room to enjoy you own literary retreat? Couple a ceiling-to-floor bookshelf with a study table and slide into the world of books in solace. To add your style in your library, place rugs and some decorative.

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  • ¬†A health-conscious' attic

If you are a fitness freak but do not have much space at home to create a home gym, convert your attic into one. Install gym equipment depending on your daily regime, add some gym flooring, yoga mats and a music system. Here's how you can build your home gym.

5726470040_229923423a_b(Flickr/Hotel de la Paix Genève)


  • Children's play room

Have kids at home and want to create a special play area for them? The attic in your home can easily be converted into children's play room. You can add games, toys and even books for kids in this room. Ensure that you have the right equipment that ensures safety for kids apart from being a play zone.

88864303_b45642b5ca_o(Flickr/Lachlan Hardy)


  • Attic for the guests

Attic space can be converted into a cosy guest room. Keep in mind that the room should not be lit with too much sunlight, for the comfort of your guests. Install windows and curtains along with artificial lighting.



  • A movie buff's attic

Everyone dreams of having an in-house mini movie theatre. The attic can be converted into a movie theatre, too. Mount a large screen television or a projector, throw in a couch or two and you have your home theatre ready. You can now enjoy movie marathons it the comfort of your home.


MakaanIQ tip: Before you begin the transformation process, make sure that your attic has a construction clearance of at least seven feet in each direction. Also, go for pest control.

Last Updated: Thu Jul 27 2017

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