5 Smart Ways To Add Bright Colours To A Small Home

5 Smart Ways To Add Bright Colours To A Small Home

5 Smart Ways To Add Bright Colours To A Small Home

Bright or deep colours are considered to be a big no-no for small homes as they make the space look smaller. It is a myth! You don't have to completely eliminate them in order to make your home look big and introduce whites and pastels. The whites and pastels can in fact make your home look dull and boring. In fact, bright colours are considered to make the space look bright and happier.

So, are you ready to add some of your favourite pop colours and still make it look spacious? Take a cue from these five smart ways by MakaaniQ and create a happy space of your own:

Go natural

small room plants

Colours are an inspiration derived from the nature, so why not bring the source of these colours home? Add some beautiful seasonal plants, greens or even a bunch of flowers to get the right look. For instance, if you have an empty corner with a white wall add a tall green plant and let the green leaves do the magic. For dining or centre tables a small flower arrangement can work wonders.

Writings on the wall

painting on wall small room

Walls can be a great space to add a splash of colour. While painting all fours into one bright pop colour can be way too much, you could add a splash of your favourite colour on one wall. Do not paint it completely, in fact, keep the white background and use the pop colour as an addition. Another way of adding colours to a wall could be a big pop-colour painting, but, make sure it has only one pop colour coupled with white, black or grey.

Spread them out

rug small room

Imagine a white or a pastel furniture set up in the living room and then you add a rug in pop colours, just perfect. This rug could add the much-needed brightness to the room without being too much. Place a glass centre table on this rug to complete the look.

Knock knock

Bright door

A room with white walls and then there is a break in monotony with a door painted bright. A bright door panelled with glass can be a great way to add a dash of pop to your home. To match to the door, add golden-coloured knobs and latch to complete the look and let it stand out.

That one in the corner


Some areas of our home are neglected and left empty. Use them to add colour to your home. That corner in your bedroom that is bland and empty, add one or a pair of chairs in bright floral print. It will add colour and life to your bedroom and even act as a focal point. 

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Last Updated: Thu Mar 30 2017

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