5 Smart Landscaping Ideas

5 Smart Landscaping Ideas

5 Smart Landscaping Ideas
Five landscaping ideas you could put to use, to make a perfect first impression. (Dreamstime/Joanne Zh)

Landscaping is considered to be an effective way to add beauty to the outside of your home, making your home look welcoming. It also adds value to your home if you plan to put it up for sale, creating a good impact on potential buyers.

To make a perfect first impression, MakaanIQ, lists five landscaping ideas you could put to use:

Add the greens

Planting trees is one of the tried and tested option of adding beauty to the outside of your home. This adds an aesthetic appeal to your home along with keeping your home cool in the summer season and ensuring fresh air. Invest in trees that would be suitable for the landscape, which includes Jarul, Jack Fruit Tree, and Neem. If you have a big garden area, add some large and small potted plants too along with the trees.


Light the outdoors

Using outdoor lighting is a great way to add to the aesthetic appeal of your home.  Some of the interesting landscape lighting includes path lights, bollards, among others. These could be placed on the pathway, in between trees as well as plants, to bring out the light as well as texture of the area. Also, you could use a light to focus on the entry of your home.



Elegant fencing

Adding fencing not only enhances the look of your home, but also protects the flowers from stray animals. Wooden, vinyl, dry stone walls, bamboo and white picket are some of the types fences you could choose from. Ensure that you fence only the area that is owned by you and there are no legal violations.



Add the visual appeal to your garden's landscape by adding mulch. Mulch protects the plants from weeds and retain the nutrients essential for the plants. Spread mulch on the flowerbed, uncovered soil or in your backyard.


Add big rocks

To give your front yard a natural look add some big rocks. You can place a bunch of rocks at one place or keep them at different spots. You can also place boulders, in case you have a spacious lawn.



Last Updated: Sat Jun 18 2016

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