5 simple ways to make your home look bigger!

5 simple ways to make your home look bigger!

5 simple ways to make your home look bigger!

If you have purchased a small home, and are worried about how it will look like once you start living, better space utilization and arrangement can make smaller home seem bigger and spacious. Here are 5 ways to make your small home look big.

1. Use all available space: Homeowners can make better use of interior space by choosing the furniture that would make use of the available space to optimum, and right positioning of cupboards can make the rooms and living area look spacious.

2. Keeping a diagonal view: Small house can look big if the line of vision extends from one corner of the house to another. This can be done by removing some segments of the wall that’s blocking the line of vision.

3. Using rooms for dual purposes: Homeowners can combine living area and a dining area so that the new space can serve the purpose of both. A small portion of the bedroom can be converted to a study for children.

4. Comfort zone: Use furniture that is comfortable and functional. It is not just necessary that visually appealing furniture will be comfortable too.

5. Changing ceiling height: A lower ceiling over the kitchen, a medium-height ceiling over the dining area, and a tall ceiling over the living space will make a smaller house look spacious.

Last Updated: Tue Jan 10 2012

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