5 Secrets For A Celeb-Style Home DĂ©cor When On A Budget

5 Secrets For A Celeb-Style Home DĂ©cor When On A Budget

5 Secrets For A Celeb-Style Home DĂ©cor When On A Budget

Celebrities can afford some of the most famous interior designers and the most luxurious ornamentation for homes. As a result, their abode set examples for everyone. People want to imitate home décor of their favorite celebs. But, this is not easy given the budget constraints. We bring you some tips that will help you adopt the décor of your favorite celeb and that too on a budget.

 Look for décor items that are affordable

Look for home décor items that you love but are affordable. For instance, the most loveable spot in Parineeti Chopra's home is her story book wall. This is very simple to adopt. All you need to have is a wall and covers of favorite books from your childhood.  Similarly, Hrithik's home has some fantastic quotes written all over the home. Now, fusing this style in your home is not at all expensive. It just requires a little effort.

Look for a replica

Consider things that are unique to the celeb's home decor. Now, simply look for a replica. For instance, if you want to follow Aamir Khan's footsteps and bring in ethnic Indian furniture, earthy tones, good lighting and warm hues, you can easily get home décor items and furniture pieces at all the leading furniture stores. Also, you can ask the craftsmen to create the same furniture piece.

Follow the theme 

First figure out the theme of your favorite celeb's home. For instance, Hrithik's house has a sporty or playful spirit. It is a very child-friendly home. Once you have figured out the theme, then designing in accordance with it becomes an easy thing to do. Now, all you have to do is to buy décor items that will infuse playful look to your home. It is not necessary that it should be replica of the home décor items used in his house.  

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Copy the wall décor

Usually aping a wall decor idea is quite affordable when compared to matching the furniture. Thus, you can simply go for imitating wall décor ideas of your favorite celebs house. For instance, if you are a bachelor, then wall décor of Arjun Kapoor's home can come out as a great inspiration. A cozy brick wall adorned with wooden racks and stacks of cassettes along with books and random memories gives your home a good look.

Understand the key element

It is essential to understand the key element in the celeb's home that you want to imitate. For instance, the key element in John's home is wooden furniture. Thus, to have the same décor style go for wooden furniture all around the home. Also, make space for natural windows that allows the sunlight to come in. Similarly, some bit of Shahrukh Khan's stunning home can be recreated by adding a leather couch and a couple of velvet seaters. Along with this, use of scented candles, super cozy cushions and vintage wall hangings will give your home a great look.

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Last Updated: Tue Jun 06 2017

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