5 Rousing Themes In Black And Gold  

5 Rousing Themes In Black And Gold  

5 Rousing Themes In Black And Gold  

Black and gold is an elegant combination which adds drama or a contemporary look to your home depending on how you use them. The two hues colours complement each other as gold shines on, black tends to absorb the over-the-top tone of gold making it look luxurious.

MakaaniQ shares five themes in black and gold to jazz up a home:

Go vintage

black and gold vintage(decoradvisor)

Vintage is a choice of a few. If you live in a big house, this theme could be the best fit for your home. Create a vintage drama by using gold and black in abundance across the living room or the bedroom. Begin with the floor, place a black-and-gold rug with a vintage design. The gold embroidery in the rug will have a three-dimensional look provided the base is black. In furniture, place two wingback chairs made of black velvet, make sure that the feet of these chairs are black and carved. To add drama, bring in velvet gold cushions. Still more? How about some black cabinets with gold linings or carvings or an accent wall that is in black and gold. Well, the options are endless.

The cosmo life

Black and gold cosmo(nikholidayhomesgoa.com)

For those living in contemporary set-up, black and gold, if not used intelligently, can make your space look cramped up or even shabby. Where space is a constraint, keep these two colours at a distance. For instance, paint the walls white, use paintings that are made of white and black, or add golden wall décor like a mirror to the white walls. You can add some black furniture, but it should be small, such as a stool or two and place golden cushions on your sofa set placed next to these stools. This subtle mix would make your room look bigger and every decorative and furniture would stand out.

Luxury decoded

black and gold luxury

Black and gold are two colours which easily fuse into any style and decor. The two colours ooze luxury, and are a perfect fit when planning to give your home a luxurious look. To create this theme, use leather around your room subtly. For instance, if you plan to add this colour to your study or living area, place some antique benches made of black leather and add a life-size mirror with a huge frame made of wood and painted matt black with the lines of gold. To add to the look and make the room look bright, add lampshades with gold bottom, preferably metallic.

The metallic accent

black and gold metallic(Dreamstime)

For those who love to go all out when experimenting with their interiors, this is a theme you could look at. To add a metallic drama to your home, use metallic gold-coloured curtains that run down from close to the ceiling to the floor. Use some artifacts in metallic colours, for instance, bronze or oxidised silver scuplture. You can also create a glossy black accent wall with metallic gold lines running through this wall forming a pattern.

It matte-rs

black and gold matte (Youtube)

Gold and black look equally beautiful when put into a matte theme, as they do in a glossy or metallic finish. If you like the subtle look of these two colours together, opt for a matte theme. This theme works well in bedrooms as well as walk-in wardrobes or vanity room. You could add a wallpaper in matte finish which could be a mix of black and gold. You could have shelves in matte black granite or marble without a shine. Add to this some oxidised gold decorative like candle holders, jewellery box, vase, or bowls.

Last Updated: Wed Sep 28 2016

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