5 Renovations To Give Your Home Much-Needed TLC

5 Renovations To Give Your Home Much-Needed TLC

5 Renovations To Give Your Home Much-Needed TLC

A home is like a car. It undergoes wear-and-tear on a daily basis. But mostly we remain oblivious to it. A home that we invest in not just financially but also emotionally needs a bit of renovation every now and then. This not only gives you an opportunity to undertake minor repairs and maintenance of the house but also allows you to give a style makeover to your home. While these renovations are planned on a set budget and most do not aim to spend too much on it, a bit of thought before undertaking the project goes a long way in giving you the right look that is also within your budget.

MakaaniQ lists renovation tips that would give your homes the much-needed TLC (tender love and care):

New additions to garden

Porch garden(Dreamstime)

If you have a garden in your front yard, you are in for a treat. Begin with adding some interesting seating space where you could lounge with your family or friends and enjoy the weather. A nice drink on a summer evening or a cup of chai or coffee during the winters or on a rainy night. Create a deck with weather-proof wooden planks that form the flooring. Fence it with wooden posters in the four corners and add some curtains that flow through these posters. For some magical evenings, some fairy lights would do wonders. Add the required outdoor furniture to complete the look.

A cool addition


You don't like air-conditioners on the walls of your home both indoor or outdoor? It's time you replace them with a central air-conditioning unit. Make sure that your ceiling is high enough to create a false ceiling for the complete unit to install. This unit would ensure that all the rooms in your home are cool and you don't have to wait for the split or window air-conditioner to cool the room after you enter it.

Another cool addition for your home can be a home automation system. This system is not only a utility tool but also ensures that your home remains safe and energy-efficient. For instance, a video phone door lock system, automated lights and fans that would work with someone's presence, light dimmers, among others.

Enter in style

Front door(Pexels)

An appealing front door is welcoming, always. It is also the first glimpse of a well-designed home. So, do not forget to add a new front door during this lavish renovation. Ensure that you invest in the right kind of wood that is not just heavy but weather-proof, too. To add to its beauty, carve it, add some glass or metallic accessories. For instance, a frosted window-like glass, or some metallic cutouts as well as a well-carved copper or brass handle. This will give your home a classy look.

All new kitchen


This can be achieved without going overboard and completely changing your kitchen. Just small additions will do wonders. For instance, change the lighting in your kitchen with new well-designed pendant and task lights, appliances that are not just functional but add to the look of the kitchen, and some greens that will freshen up the area and also add colour.

Change the theme

room theme(Pexels)

Were you running a theme or a colour scheme all through your home or a different one for each room? It's time to change those themes. Research and find out what is in. Incorporate the theme/s that you think are apt for your home. We suggest you find themes where you don't have to change the furniture completely. 

Last Updated: Mon Jan 02 2017

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