Planning A Renovation? Let Your Neigbhours Know

Planning A Renovation? Let Your Neigbhours Know

Planning A Renovation? Let Your Neigbhours Know

Renovating your home is not just a decision you and your family take. In case the changes you are making are external, you might want to share your plans with your neighbours, too. What if the change you planned for your exterior make your neighbours raise their eyebrows? MakaaniQ lists five such renovations your neighbour might not like or you might want to tell them before you make these changes:

Time-taking heavy-duty changes: Who could possibly like the sound of machines buzzing all day long? If you are planning some heavy-duty changes like breaking an indoor wall, or drilling or fixing new cabinets, make sure your contractor completes these jobs on time. You don't want your neighbour to have a permanent headache and hate you for it. Also, ensure that your contractor practices minimal impact of noise on the neighbours. We understand that the renovation is inevitable.

Are you blocking the view: Renovating your home at times can have an impact on the neighbour's house, too. For instance, raising the compound wall or even adding a new floor can be a cause of blocking view, sunlight and even air for the neighbour. Make sure your neighbour is well-aware about any such change. Or imagine, two houses next to each other and the windows of the bedroom are adjacent. This could be invasion of their and your privacy. Think your renovation plan through.

Bright colours: Imagine moving out of your house and you see your neighbour's home painted bright orange, yellow or even blue. What an eyesore! Don't do that your neighbour, too. However quirky your style of architecture is, do not opt for bright colours on the exterior. These colours can hurt human eye, especially when the sun is out and bright.

Clear the clutter: Do not keep the clutter outside your home, get it cleaned and dumped to the nearest waste dumping ground. Also, when making heavy-duty changes, make sure the property is covered with plastic sheets so that the dust doesn't go out, enter your neighbours' homes. It might impact their health and also, add layers of dust to their home every day. Think about your neighbour cleaning up the mess twice a day.

Outdoor living spaces: Planning a party zone, a barbecue area or even a swimming pool in your frontyard can be a cause of disturbance for your neighbour. They are the ones who will have to deal with the untimely noises once the place is up and in use. Check with your neighbours about how they feel and assure them that the noises will be curtailed and timelines will be followed.

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Last Updated: Tue Dec 18 2018

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