5 Plants You Could Use To Create Privacy

5 Plants You Could Use To Create Privacy

5 Plants You Could Use To Create Privacy

Privacy is of utmost importance to the homebuyers. To maintain this many construct high walls or cover them with opaque windows, while some landscape. We would suggest landscaping as plants can work best to create the boundary of privacy along with providing fresh air and colour to your home's exterior. Although, not every plant can help you create privacy, there are some that are specifically used for landscaping purpose. Here is the list:

Evergreen shrubs

Evergreen shrubs and broadleaf evergreen offer privacy for sightlines which are at low level. These shrubs are ideal for areas like patio or other sitting areas. While planting these shrubs, make sure to create some spaces so that branches slightly touch each other.

Evergreen trees

Evergreen trees are best for creating privacy as they are available throughout the year. Such trees with large foliage offer good coverage as their branches can extend to the ground giving more privacy. For dense privacy, you can also mix planting evergreen trees with evergreen shrubs.


Vines that spread both inward and outward can offer dense growth and privacy as they form a living wall. Install a support structure for the vines; there are many climbing vines that wrap their tendrils around the support. Vines grow best when they are attached to a surface.


Bamboos are not easy to plant and maintain and need extensive care. These are available in two types – clumping, which originates as a new growth close to the original plants getting denser day-by-day, and running, which spreads roots underground resulting in formation of new planters at a farther distance. Bamboos are grown best when planted in confined spaces and containers. However, when planting them in ground, use a root-barrier to keep them away from spreading extensively.

Ornamental grass

Ornamental grass not only looks beautiful but is also best for providing privacy, especially during summer and autumn seasons. Most ornamental grasses reach lushness during warm months. Plant them in visible areas close to the space in your yard. You can also use them to fill the gaps in the landscape.

Last Updated: Wed Oct 19 2016

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