5 Outdoor Décor Trends You Must Try

5 Outdoor Décor Trends You Must Try

5 Outdoor Décor Trends You Must Try

Having an outdoor space is a luxury. The pleasant summer evenings and the warm sunshine during winter afternoons can be the most relaxing. But, this luxury can only be a delightful one if your outdoor space is well-designed.

MakaaniQ shares five trending details you could add to your outdoor space and make it your very own getaway from the concrete jungle:

Take the indoors out


An interesting way for those who cannot take time to sit outdoors can take their indoors out. Try setting up an outdoor kitchen, and enjoy the weather while you cook a sumptuous meal for yourself and your family. Let the kitchen have an open dining area where you can enjoy your meals outdoor. Or, how about a living area that opens to your outdoor space. Give a seamless transition between your outdoor and indoor seating to make them feel like one. This way you could have a comfortable set up where you could enjoy the outdoors even when sitting inside.

Edible garden is the goal

Kitchen Garden

A trend that is making waves is setting up a kitchen garden outdoor. This way you could grow greens for consumption and enjoy meals made of fresh produce. If you have a green thumb, this could be a perfect way to adopt sustainability. Moreover, vegetables, fruits and herbs in different colours would further add to the beauty of your outdoor space. When designing an edible garden, make sure it has a good blend of ornamental plants, too.

Have fun with colour blocking

Colour blocking backyard

Colour blocking, a technique where solid hues are added to an otherwise neutral-coloured space, can work wonders in the outdoors. For instance, pick furniture in a neutral colour and then add to it solid-coloured furnishings and accessories. Or, with all neutral-coloured furniture add a bright-coloured chair or table. You could also use plants to play colour blocking outdoors.

Create something of your own

Teacup birds

The practice of repurposing or upcycling is becoming common among many, especially those with a creative inclination. Broken household items, empty bottles, jars or even crockery, all can be repurposed into something interesting. For instance, turn your old cup and saucer into a bird feeder, use broken chairs as a swing, turn old cutlery into a wind chime or paint soda bottles and turn them into a decorative.

The water element

water backyard

Adding a water element to your garden space can have a soothing impact. Moreover, a small water body can also be a focal point of the complete setup. The sound of running water, the cool it provides and the beauty it adds to your outdoor space is all worth it. Add a small fountain, a water wall or a pond to your outdoor space and see how it transforms the complete experience. 

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Last Updated: Thu Jul 27 2017

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