5 Must-Haves To Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

5 Must-Haves To Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

5 Must-Haves To Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

Your pet is like a family member, isn't it? Having it at home not only relaxes you, but also helps you improve your social skills. Like other family members, your pet also needs a lot of care. It is important to give it a safe, clean and comfortable environment, so that it grows well and healthy.

MakaanIQ list five things that you must have at your home to make it pet-friendly:

Pet's own corner


It is essential to give your pet its own space, so that it can feel comfortable. Before bringing a pet home, you should select a quiet corner for it. If you already have a pet at home, create a special space for it to loosen itself. The room or space you select should have a comfortable bed, water and a few toys for the pet to play with.

A play area


A pet-friendly home must have an area for the pet to play. Create this close to the garden area or porch, so that the pet can also enjoy the weather outside. This helps enhance its health, both physical and mental, ans also keeps it happy.

Safety and security


Safety is the most important thing you give your pet. For this, check for choking, electrocution, strangulation and suffocation hazards. Cover or unplug any cord or wires at home. Keep your pet away from medicines, food items like coffee or chocolates, pesticides, home-cleaning products and fertilisers, and sharp things like knives. Also, avoid indoor plants that can be dangerous for your pet. For instance, lilies are known to cause kidney failure in cats. Amaryllis, poinsettia, aloe vera and mums are other plants that can be toxic for your pet.

Comfortable rugs


A pet-friendly rug is one of the things your pet needs for a good night's sleep, or even naps during the day. When choosing a rug, ensure that the fabric is comfortable and has strength to endure the tiny claws of your pet. For instance, buy cut piles rather than loop piles; the latter can be easily ripped off. Nylon rugs and nylon-blend rugs, polypropylene, among others, are some durable pet-friendly fabric options.

Last Updated: Sat Jun 18 2016

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