5 Mountain Homes That Will Set Architecture Goals For Your Getaway Home

5 Mountain Homes That Will Set Architecture Goals For Your Getaway Home

5 Mountain Homes That Will Set Architecture Goals For Your Getaway Home

A majority of us would love to own a second home on a hill top or in a valley surrounded by mountains. But, one of the biggest challenges would be its design and construction.

So, if you are planning to buy a getaway home or already own one, makaaniQ shares seven interesting mountain homes that could give you architectural and design goals:

Casa Brutale, Greece/Lebanon

Casa Brutale(www.demcoproperties.com)

This property, which is still a concept, has been making news for long. A house encrusted on the cliff is a perfect example of living on the edge. The paper architecture of this showcases a glass top swimming pool and reach the living spaces as you transcend. The swimming pool seamlessly merges with the dry land all around when looked at from an elevation. The pool with a glass bottom would also illuminate the floor right below mixing the natural light with blue water.

A concept by OPA, the project is likely to be a reality soon, with the traction it has created worldwide.

To breathe in  nature, the structure will be designed with a steel and glass façade, which would look a huge window encrusted in the cliff from the outside. The interiors of this property would merge with the nature using a lot of concrete slabs and woodwork.

Hanging Out, Australia 

The hanging house(www.itv.com)

As the name suggest, this project still in the conceptualisation stage. Once completed, it will be a five-storey home hanging from the cliff. A natural extension to the cliff, this home has been designed Modscape and will use modular and prefabricated fixtures which will be anchored to the cliff using steel. While the top floor will act as a car park, the floors below will be used for living. At every point, one could see beautiful views of the ocean. So, would like to hang out in the mountains?

 Pumpkin House, Manhattan, USA

pumpkin house(republicaupdate)

A property, which is up for sale in USA's Manhattan, gets its name from the way its façade looks. With reflective glass windows, the house looks like a jack-o-lantern pumpkin we see during the Halloween. The property has been put up for sale for $5.25 million and is spread across 3,144 sq ft. Apart from its windows, the other striking feature of this property is its old-school brick façade that mixes well with the earthen feel of the mountains. So, if you are looking to dress up your home with a close-to-the-nature look, this home could help you set some goals.

The House On The Cliff, Spain

 House on the cliff spain(mihanpost)

This home will catch your attention from even far off. But, the biggest challenge of constructing this home as the plot was on a cliff with a 42-degree inclination. To achieve the best out of this beautifully located property overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The most striking feature of this house, designed by architecture firm GilBartolome Architects, is its metallic roof and an exterior that looks like dragon skin. From the top, this house looks like sea waves. To make the temperature of this house static, it has been set into the ground, from which the property maintains its temperature.

The curved double shell of this structure is made of reinforced concrete and is supported by retaining walls that are 14.5 metres apart from each other, with no other internal columns or walls.

The design can even transform this property into a stage and an auditorium with a capacity of 70 people making it completely open to the landscape. The interiors of this property are kept in tune with its exteriors. White has been prominently used with wavy textures and designs all across.

The Water Falling, Hawaii, USA

The water falling hawaii(Blogpost)

An estate that oozes luxury, The Water Falling house was recently in the news as popstar Justin Beiber spent his two-week vacation on this property and also, because it was recently sold for $7 million. If you want to take a dip in luxury, this property gives you the right goals. A luxury pool with a high dive, a waterslide attached to the second-storey balcony, a rooftop helipad, and basketball and tennis courts is all you need to give your mountain getaway a feel of this Hawaiin beauty. To add to the royalty, bring a glass elevator, an outdoor bedroom and a golf course (only if the estate you own is huge). To get swept away by nature, the property is covered with sliding glass doors and giant glass windows. The interiors are done with earthen designs, including wooden furniture and ceilings, and a lot of interior greens.

Last Updated: Fri Sep 02 2016

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