5 Most Extravagant Mansions Of Footballers

5 Most Extravagant Mansions Of Footballers

5 Most Extravagant Mansions Of Footballers

We have seen them perform on the football field. They score unbelievable goals. Their fans are crazy about them. They are a source of inspiration for many on and off the field. The performance of these football players is visible also in the choice of the houses they own. Some have a personal football field of their own. Some are so crazy about their game that they have their house shaped like a football. Let us look at the lavish and awe-inspiring mansions that are home to some of the most loved and famous footballers of the world.

The Beckingham Palace


The $47-million mansion of the world's favourite footballer David Beckham and 'Spice Girls' fame Victoria tops the list. The mansion was named Beckingham Palace when David Beckham bought it after marrying Victoria in the year 1991. The second floor of the house is wholly for the four children of the Beckham couple. The luxury estate has seven bedrooms, an underground parking, hairdressing salon, recording studio, gym, snooker room, footwear room, multiple swimming pools and a massage room.

Curse of Tutankhamun


Rumoured to be haunted by the curse of Tutankhamun, this 40-room mansion is the abode of African footballer, Samuel Eto'o. The Italian villa Altachiara is built on a sprawling 30,000 sq mt of land. The villa's previous owner was Lord Carnarvon, financial backer of Howard Carter who had discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun. The Italian mansion in Portofino near Genoa is a historical building in Northern Italy. The mansion was bought for £18.5 million.

Wayne's World

wayne rooney(Wikimedia)

The star of Manchester United owns a home on a 20-acre plot. It has five bedrooms that were knocked down and redone in the design of the Rooney's, named Wayne's World. The mansion is three-storeyed and houses a swimming pool, gym, Jacuzzi and football pitch. It also has its own movie theatre. The property was bought at a price of $17.8 million.

Didier Drogba


The luxury abode of Chelsea player is said to be the costliest home among the footballers. The house has eight bathrooms and seven bedrooms, and is worth $21 million. It has separate rooms for kids and even a room for trophies.

The Football House


The passion of this football player is obvious even in the design of his house. The house is designed like a football, and the whole ground is designed as the football pitch. The architect Luis de Garrido designed the house. Garrido wanted to show through the design of the house what the game meant for Lionel Messi. The mansion situated just outside Barcelona is worth $5 million.

Last Updated: Wed Oct 05 2016

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