5 Most Breathtaking Rooftops In The World

5 Most Breathtaking Rooftops In The World

5 Most Breathtaking Rooftops In The World

In a city surrounded by mountains, on a sea shore, or covered with skyscrapers, it is only the rooftop that will give you a view which will make you fall in love with that city. Think about a relaxed evening lounging on a rooftop that offers a picturesque view of the city. Pure bliss, isn't it?
Rooftops take you away from the city's hustle and bustle. An empty land for urban planners and architects, they give them some room to experiment.
One of the unique selling points of a structure, MakaaniQ lists five such breathtaking rooftops that are a part of a long list of rooftops to be listed in an upcoming photobook, Rooftops: Islands in the Sky by Taschen:
Central Park West, New York City

gunn landscape architects(Gunn Landscape Architecture)
Designed by Gunn Landscape Architecture, this rooftop provides you with the most mesmerising views of the New York City including the iconic Central Park. The rooftop is well covered with greens giving you a feel of the greenery down below. This rooftop houses various restaurants, one of the prominent being The Roof. So, how about a soulful evening with great music and nature around, all on a rooftop.

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Rooftop Penthouse, Copenhagen


While many of us have our gardens spread across the front yard, how about a garden that is spread out on a rooftop?

Located in inner Nørrebro, one of the most densely populated areas of Copenhagen, the triangular block Birkegade/Egegade/Elmegade had zero surface area and the architectures from JDS Architects had to design three penthouses. But, the challenge was to create a garden, hence, the architects decided on a green terrace. To add fun, the architects gave it a self-indulging look. These gardens are a playground in themselves with hill-like structures and even suspension bridge. It also has shock-absorbing surface.
The Museum of Modern Art, New York

Rooftop Garden, MOMA(urbabillard)
A roof garden for a modern art museum, this rooftop is nothing less than a work of art in itself. An aerial view of this rooftop would make you think whether it a painting or for real. Fluid shapes, mixed with colours from nature, this roof garden is designed by Ken Smith. In some parts, this roof garden also looks like a military camouflage to bring the attention clearly to the main garden which is designed using recycled rubber chips, crushed glass, crushed marble stone, artificial boulders and artificial boxwood shrubs. All these add some mesmerising colours to the rooftop.
The Fichte-bunker, Berlin

A 19th-century structure, The Fichte-Bunker is a gasometer in Berlin that acted as an air-raid shelter during World War II. Understanding its construction, the structure that also gave shelter to homeless has been made using reinforced concrete with thick walls. In September 2006, the State of Berlin's Real Property Fund sold this gasometer to private investors and it now houses residences on the roof. So, how about living on the rooftop of one of the oldest and strongest brick structure in Berlin. It has two-storey luxury condominiums on the top  along with townhouses. Interestingly, all apartments have been given roofs that are green.

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CapitaGreen, Singapore

A futuristic design coupled with a green spread is what defines CapitaGreen's rooftop. Designed by the internationally acclaimed architecture firm, Toyo Ito & Associates, this rooftop is a welcome change amid conventional building designs in the middle of Singapore's central business district. This rooftop is a part of a unique air circulatory system. Called the Sky Forest, this rooftop has a district design which looks like a tree growing from the middle of the building. The rooftop is filled with greenery and thus, supplying cool wind from nature to the building

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