5 Modern-Day Projects That Promote Nature  

5 Modern-Day Projects That Promote Nature  

5 Modern-Day Projects That Promote Nature   

As the civilisation evolved, architecture has come a long way. A journey that began with constructing a home using nature and its elements, moved to a story of steel and concrete and is now becoming the right mix of both nature and concrete. While every structure dwells in its own unique cultural and natural environment, there is certain architecture across the world that is now bridging the gap with nature. These structures are designed in such a way that the indoors flow smoothly into the outdoors and vice versa. Thus, breaking the wall of differentiation between the two and designing them to bring out a relationship.

MakaaniQ lists five such projects that have enveloped the nature into their design:

Orquideorama, Medellín, Colombia


The most striking feature of this structure is that it rises like a bunch of hexagonal trees. There are seven hexagonal modules in this structure that work like a public space as well as a garden designed using three formulas -- scale, organisation and pattern. The seven modules made of wooden lining represent and allow growth and flexibility for both people and nature. This space is used to organise public activities amid clustered gardens.

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Atlantic Center for the Arts, Florida, United States

Atlantic Center for the Arts Visitor's Center and Gallery(www.gregcole.info)

Designed to promote art, the centre has a strong sense of nature to it. The centre brings together a diverse range of artists together and hence, a setup amid nature fosters collaboration. The structure has a jungle-like landscape with forest floors to walk on. It also has embedded vegetation around it The studio structures are made of expansive glass walls to maximise northern light and wood louvres that lessen the effects of direct sunlight.

Acapulco City Hall, Guerrero, Mexico

Acapulco City Hall(www.ten-arquitectos.com)

An open and shared public space, this city hall lying right next to a water body. The unique part of this building is its structure that looks like four stacked boxes with each having its own terrace used for parking and events. These four boxes are suspended from a large cantilevered structural roof that increases the transparency and free circulation of nature at the ground level.  Interestingly, the unified roof structure provides the much-needed shade in the tropical climate of the city. Thus, reducing the usage of air conditioners. The 103,075-sq ft roof surface collects water and fulfils 92 per cent of water requirements of the building. It also has solar panels that generate 60 per cent of the building's energy needs.

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The Commons, Bangkok, Thailand

The Commons Bangkok(www.sethlui.com)

Fulfilling the need of outdoor living in a busy city of Bangkok, this structure is a vertical public space covered with greens and promoting nature. Designed in the form of steps and ramps, these are landscaped with greens coupled with seating space. The ground floor then opens to upper floors like voids connecting it to open air public spaces that occupy 30 per cent of the total space of the structure. It promotes natural ventilation using two industrial fans on the ceiling. The façade has a mask of thin steel mesh that allows visual transparency along with ventilation but not hurting the retail stores indoor.

Botanica Khao Yai, Thailand

Botanica Khao Yai(Botanica Khao Yai)

This project is inspired by the nearby mountain range, Khao Yai, which is also the country's largest rainforest. This landscape is a mix of architecture and nature. While the architecture depicts the tall trees of the forest the other green landscape covers the area acting as nature. A manmade rainforest, this structure offers hospitality services along with residential living, too. It is built on an abandoned agricultural land in a perfect setting of a mountain in the backdrop. There are infinity pools that give a look of the floating structures. 

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