5 Mattress Technologies That Will Let You Sleep Like A Child

5 Mattress Technologies That Will Let You Sleep Like A Child

5 Mattress Technologies That Will Let You Sleep Like A Child

While a short-comfortable sleep can increase your productivity and improve your health, a long-uncomfortable sleep could adversely impact both. This is why mattress manufacturers across the globe have developed advanced technologies that help you have a good night's sleep. These technologies have gained ground and are now being adopted by consumers worldwide. In India, though the idea of buying a mattress means just walking into a store, punch or bounce on a mattress and make a buying decision, these technologies are likely to transform the market.

MakaanIQ lists five technologies that have made waves worldwide and are now gaining traction among Indian consumers, too:

The hybrid version

These mattresses, as the name suggest, are a hybrid version of the two best-known mattress technologies, inner spring and memory foam. Being a hybrid, this technology fits all kinds of sleepers — sideways, flat on the back or on the tummy. While the memory foam makes the outer layer giving a pressure relief while the inner springs lets you have a good night's sleep.

Control in your hands

With this latest technology, you can operate the temperature and the elevation of your mattress using a remote control. You could set a temperature that is comfortable for your body. If there are two people on a bed with different temperature needs, the mattress allows you to have varied temperature, too.  The remote also lets you regulate the elevation of the mattress as well as turn into a massage mattress when you are too tired.

Blending with your body temperature

These mattresses are made of a climate material that absorbs all the excess body moisture and allows airflow, reducing humidity. A perfect fit for India's hot and humid climate, these mattresses have a 3D cover that manages the micro-climate around you when you sleep, while the climate material has thick open wall cells that allow quick moisture movement from the body.

Watching your back

In today's time when a majority of people have a sitting job and drive for miles every day, developing chronic back ailments is a regular. Understanding this common problem, manufacturers have developed a technology where the mattress supports your back and spine. Ideal for those who have a specific back ailment, these mattresses, which come with a firm feel using flanging and hoggering technology, let you maintain a comfortable posture. Moreover, these mattresses help your body relieve any pressure that may be there.

Go organic

Manufacturers have developed mattresses that are made of organic material, including bio-cotton and eco-latex. Cotton and latex are one of the commonly used materials for manufacturing mattresses, but here the manufacturers use the organic versions. These mattresses are known to be anti-microbial, dust & mite resistant and hypoallergenic. This ensures that these are perfect fit for any kind of climate. 

Last Updated: Thu Jun 16 2016

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