5 Interior Designing Trends That Are Gaining Traction

5 Interior Designing Trends That Are Gaining Traction

5 Interior Designing Trends That Are Gaining Traction

Most of us like to keep changing our home décor as per the latest trends. Before you remodel some parts of your house or freshen up the home décor, it is important to get well-versed with chic trends.

MakaanIQ lists five emerging interior designing trends that are making waves.

Bring the outdoors in


Bringing the elements of nature into the home is one of the noteworthy home décor trends. From the use of plants and living walls, to horticulture-inspired fabrics and wallpapers, this trend can make you one with the mother nature. You can also merge natural materials such as wood, stone, cork, metals.

Artisan goods


The year 2016 shows the growing preference for artisan furnishings and homeware. Homeowners are embracing unique, hand-crafted and beautifully designed statement pieces in home décor. These goods are easily available in the market. One can choose all types of statement pieces from oddly shaped mirrors to off-the-wall décor to accentuate bathrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms.

Two-tone kitchen cabinets

pro kitchen


Two-tone kitchen cabinets are one of the most popular kitchen décor trends of 2016. Keeping upper cabinets white or neutral for a clean and timeless feel, and the lower cabinets with various wood tones or warmer colours can complete the look of your kitchen.

Bathrooms double up as living spaces


A simple bathroom with common floor-to-ceiling tiles is no longer in. Ditch wall tiles with graphic wallpaper, a striking painted feature wall, ornate chandeliers and furniture-like pieces which add living room vibe to your bathroom.

Window sheers that brighten the room


Window sheers is a new surge in home décor this year that allow you to be private as well as let in enough light. Window sheers are a lighter form of drapes or curtains that allow light to filter into a room and add brightness to your interior.

Last Updated: Wed Jun 08 2016

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