5 Interesting Ways To Use Leftover Tiles

5 Interesting Ways To Use Leftover Tiles

5 Interesting Ways To Use Leftover Tiles

Remodelled your kitchen and bathroom using tiles? There must be an ample number of leftover, broken or deshaped tiles at home. Here are five interesting ways in which you can use these tiles to deck up your home. And, what more? You can do it yourself.

Table top


Got a box full of printed leftover tiles? Do not return them, rather use them for a do-it-yourself (DIY) project. Stick them on the top of a plain old table (dining, centre or coffee) and see the magic unfold. These beautiful tiles can add beauty to the otherwise boring wooden table. The colours and print on the table top would add to the décor of your home.



Smaller tiles that are in square or hexagon shape can be turned into interesting coasters. You can also deck up the corners with leather lining to complete the look and keep away from sharp edges.

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Smaller cut out pieces can be used too. Just stick a magnet to the back of these tiles. And, you get some interesting fridge magnets. These won't just be utility but also add to the décor of your kitchen. And in case the tiles have a marble finish, they can look pretty luxurious too.



Give your otherwise plain vase a three-dimensional look. Just stick small broken or cut out tiles and stick it on a plain vase like pieces of a puzzle. A colourful vase filled with solid-coloured flowers will add to the beauty of your décor. Place it on your coffee table, in the kitchen or on your bedside.

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Window frame


Putting tiles together like a piece of puzzle gives a very captivating look. A boring window of your kitchen or even your bathroom can be turned into an attractive part of the décor by just adding tiles to the frame. Use complete or broken pieces of tiles to fill up the frame of the window and add to the look.

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Last Updated: Wed Aug 09 2017

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