5 Interesting Ways To Use Concrete To Deck Up Your Home

5 Interesting Ways To Use Concrete To Deck Up Your Home

5 Interesting Ways To Use Concrete To Deck Up Your Home

Concrete, as we all know, is one of the key construction material. Its stone-like hardness makes this material sturdy and long-lasting while its neutral gray colour makes it gel with all the other shades in the palette.

Moreover, these properties also make it compatible with different surfaces, including glass, wood and acrylic and also, different finishes.

So, not just as a building material, concrete can be your favourite décor material, too. Here are five interesting ways in which concrete could be a part of your décor.


Flooring made of concrete is known to be both quick to install as well as durable. Knowing that concrete is a forever material, it never goes out of vogue, too. Given its neutral colour, concrete flooring allows you to use any of your favourite colour for décor. Moreover, concrete spread in one go gives a harmonious look to the whole house. However, check with an expert if there have been instances of water seepage from the flooring. Concrete is known to turn damp in such a situation.


A block-shaped tabletop, be it a coffee or a dining table, can be a contemporary contrast. In case of a coffee table, this can go well with your leather or canvas sofas set in neutral colours, complemented by gold or brass artefacts around. Want to add colour to this look, throw in a bright rug. However, a concrete top for an outdoor dining table can be a good idea as it can withstand harsh weather conditions. It is equally beautiful when added to an indoor dining table. Thinking of a Scandinavian décor for your home? A dining tabletop made of concrete is just the right thing to complement your minimal chairs.


This is where concrete’s sturdiness comes handy. Kitchen countertops made of concrete can withstand all kinds of wear and tear, it is stain-proof and can be easily cleaned using a wet wipe. Also, unlike large stone tops, concrete tops can be designed and shaped in different sizes.


How about lighting fixtures made of concrete? Sounds unusual?

Pendant lighting or focus lighting made of concrete could be an interesting way to light your dining or living area.

Accent wall

While all your walls are painted in your favourite colour, leave your accent wall in concrete. It will give your space a grunge look. Also, this wall will allow you to decorate the way you want, in colours you want.

Last Updated: Wed Sep 19 2018

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