5 Interesting Ways To Add Suede To Your Décor

5 Interesting Ways To Add Suede To Your Décor

5 Interesting Ways To Add Suede To Your Décor

Luxurious and classy, suede has been one of the most widely used upholstery fabric worldwide. Available in some of the most off-beat colours and prints, this fabric could be used in several interesting ways to deck up your home.


This is one of the most common forms of decking up your home using suede. Using the fabric to cover up your sofas is one of the most luxurious ways whether you plan a modern or a classic décor for your home. Colours are what you will have to pick right. You could pick more greens and yellows for a modern look and for classics pick the browns and greys.


Thinking how suede could be used to design your bed? Design a headboard and footboard that has a section done in suede. A quilted design on both the headboard and footboard can instantly give a luxurious look to your room. Mix it with leather decorative to take the luxury quotient to the next level.

Accent wall

Suede is available in some interesting prints and patterns. Such fabric can be used to deck up your walls. How about framing some interesting print or pattern and turning them into wall art. These could be installed in a living room or a bedroom to create an accent wall. Use different patterns if you wish to be experimental.


Suede curtains are not for all. For those living in cold areas should consider opting for these. The thick fabric keeps the heat inside and lets the home remain warm. Also, for those who love their privacy, this fabric allows you to keep your indoors private. In case you live in tropical areas you could use the synthetic forms of this fabric – microsuede and ultrasuede. This is faux suede, lighter in weight and doesn’t make the rooms very warm.


Don’t want to give an opulent look to your home? Suede can still be a part of your home. Use cushions made of suede. Here you could play with textured or printed suede fabric to make the home look bright and subtle at the same time.

Tip: With suede you need to be careful about stains. Suede has a property of absorbing water and stain in the process. This wetness can also damage the texture of the fabric. Use a clean sponge to absorb in case of any spillage. Also, clean suede upholstery using a suede brush or a terrycloth towel. Do this once in a week. 

Last Updated: Fri Jun 28 2019

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