5 Innovative Ways To Utilise Roof Space

5 Innovative Ways To Utilise Roof Space

5 Innovative Ways To Utilise Roof Space

We often desire to embrace more living space from our homes. But, like your living and bedroom, the roof of your home also says a lot about your design sensibilities. Roofs are more than often ignored and kept as a blank space which is used now and then. But there is more you could do with that open space.

MakaanIQ lists some innovative ideas you could put to use to give your roof a completely new look and use the space, too:
Take windows low
Rooftop windows are great source for bringing natural light to your house. So, bring your windows low. Because of the space constraint it tends to give limited views of your surrounding area so make your windows large right down to the floor. This not only gives a lively feel to your space but also makes you save on energy bills as sunlight becomes a major source of lighting up your home during the day.
Open it up
Make the best use of the elevated position as it will boast fantastic views. You can make that space to create your own bedroom. It will also give you the kind of privacy you always preferred. It will bring positivity with natural light seeping in and view of your surroundings.
Fixed skylight
Many home owners are turning to skylights and roof windows to brighten up their house and provide natural ventilation. In earlier days it was a tradition to have roshandaan but off late we hardly see such things. Surprisingly, many developers are giving such fixed skylight option in the apartments for home buyers.
Don't have a place to keep your snooker or carrom tables? Good time to make use of your roof space which you may be using to dump off waste items or using as your regular store room. Appreciate your time with friends to that lively space.
Light those heights
It is your choice how you using the roof space but make sure it is lit well. Get innovative and light it with options including string lights, candles, pendant lamps among others. Try using variety of colours instead of sticking to whites and yellows. It will definitely brighten up the space.

Last Updated: Mon May 23 2016

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